Chain Story

started by Vincent Westerveld on 20-07-2001

This story hopefully develops into an exciting, surprising and/or maybe even romantic story written by hundreds of authors all over the world. Nobody can predict which way this story will go, but at least you can try to steer it into a certain direction by adding a few lines in the entry-form at the bottom of this page. Be sure you read the story before you make an entry so you know what happened so far.
Your submission will be send to my E-mail address so I can take a regular pick out of the submissions. This means that your lines won't be added immediately to prevent jokers from entering nonsense into the story.
If your entry is the one chosen by me, I will send you an E-mail telling you your entry has been uploaded to my homepage.

Have lots of reading and writing fun!

Chapter 1 - an ordinary day at school.

Late again Mike? This is already the third time this week....
As usual Mike tried to find an excuse by telling his teacher, miss Rachel, his alarm clock was broken.
Next time I will send you to detention, broken alarm clock or not, understood ? said miss Rachel in a tone which made sure everybody in the classroom knew to behave the rest of the day.
This incident seamed harmless but was the start of a series of events yet to come.




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