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You start at the top of a long slope which you must slide down, jumping the spike pits as you go. Ignore the tree across the slope with the monkey on it, unless you're feeling sadistic and want to shoot the poor creature. If you keep to the left you'll find a ledge about halfway down with some health and ammunition, but watch out as there's a rolling boulder ready to squish you - it'll miss if you keep to far end of the ledge.

Once you reach the bottom of the slope you should turn left and jump down off the wall to grab the 'power up' crystal, which will boost your health if you've already lost some. Keep to the left here and head for the waterfall (to your right is a big lake of mud, which will suck you down if you stray into it). In the middle section of the waterfall you'll find some ammo and to the left in the dark alcove are some grenades.

Now go back to the bottom of the slope and drop down into the courtyard ahead. Behind you, partly concealed behind a tree trunk, is an ornate gateway . A friendly monkey will lead you to the switch that opens it. Inside this room is a sliding spike trap - flip the switch and hide in the niche behind you until the spikes roll past, then you'll have access to a door leading to a zip line.

The zip line will take you across the river (if you fall in, follow the current and when you come to a stop, a passage somewhere to the right will take you back to the courtyard). Having made it to the stump carry on through the gap ahead, watching out for a prowling tiger. Around to the left you'll find a slope with a boulder at the top, and a couple of gates. At the bottom of the slope is a tree with a gap in it and a switch inside. Surprise surprise, flip the switch to open the gates but you'll need to jump left and forwards to avoid getting flattened by the boulder. Rummage around in this small room and you should find someflares and a small health pack.

Now go up the hill and into the newly opened room and flip the switch inside. This opens the other gate and through here you'll find a long passage with a couple of tigers lying in wait. The passage opens out into a large, empty room with a hole in the middle. DON'T drop into the hole unless you fancy a spiky death: instead you should head for the far corner and crawl under the tree trunk. If you follow the trunk and walk up it you'll find a health crystal and a tiger to guard it.

Keep following the trunk into a new area. If you're feeling inquisitive you might explore the gap in the tree trunk - jump and grab from the walkway and crawl inside to get some flares. When coming out you'll have to drop into the room below onto some spikes, but you shouldn't be mortally wounded - just be sure to WALK to get out alive. Drop down the dark gap in the corner and you'll emerge from the hole in the big empty room you were in before.

Back up at the top of the tree trunk, drop down to one side and follow the walkway around to the left-hand door. You'll have to walk to get through the spikes unscathed, then jump across to another platform where you'll find some more health. Now you can jump up and grab the ledge above, and swing across until you can climb up. One more jump will get you up to an opening into a long tunnel with a switch at one end.

When you hit the switch and try to leave a boulder will drop down behind you, so you might want to leave a flare by the exit to mark where you're going as you run for your life.

Retrace your steps down past the spikes (if you're careful you can jump up and retrieve the health crystal from its platform above the spikes, but don't drop back down that way - go along to the far end of the platform and jump over the wall back to the room with the tree trunk in it). Find a safe spot to drop from the hole in the walkway into the room below (there's a nasty spike trap if you don't watch what you're doing) and draw your guns quickly for the tiger that's hanging around. In the corner you'll find some ammunition.

Head on down through the big gates and look to the left for some flares. Carrying on to the left you should beware of a couple of boulders that are headed your way. Take a peek through the foliage where they came from (keeping to the left to avoid yet another boulder) and you'll find a hole concealed behind some foliage. There are some goodies in here (in an even more hidden gap in one wall) but be careful dropping in as there are spikes just below the hole.

Back out and on your way again, you'll emerge by a shallow river. Wade in and follow its course down and o the right, into a chamber which will shut behind you (an alternative route over the big log in the river involves lots of complicated jumping but gains you nothing of consequence). Climb up onto the platform and flip the switches at both ends, then drop into the water and swim into the next room.

On the far side of the new room is an open gate leading to a room with a switch, which when activated will lood a later room and kill a couple of waiting tigers. To get to this flooded room, go across to the door with the tiger statues on either side. You'll find a large, flooded outside area with a waterfall to one side and a health crystal in the far corner.

To get to the latter, swim across to the far end where you'll find a set of steps - you can climb one of the pillars to the right of the steps for any easy jump to the crystal. Now drop back into the water and swim across to the entrance at the right-hand end of the base of the waterfall. Inside you'll find a ladder that leads to a ledge facing out over the fall. Turn right, climb up, turn around and jump onto the ledge behind. Here you'll find an alcove with a switch that will open a set of underwater gates opposite the waterfall.

Drop into the water and swim through the gates, and you'll come up in a small room with a tiger and a adder. Kill the former and climb the latter, making sure to grab the key at the top before the monkey gets it (shoot it if you're too late). The exit from this area opens on to a ledge overlooking the far end of the sludge pit you saw at the start: there's a tiger on the prowl below and if you're smart you'll dispose of it before ropping down and jumping across to the opposite ledge. Here you'll find a keyhole that will raise the grille to the left. Grab the shotgun shells on the other platform before heading through the grille and finishing the level.


Head forward and right and through the tree with a gap, picking up the small health. Look out as you move n though because hidden in the undergrowth ahead of you is a snake. If you stray too close it'll strike, taking a little health and turning your health bar yellow - to indicate that you're poisoned. Use the small health pack to prevent yourself dying a slow and lingering death.

Now head on into the corner of the area, looking out for a second snake. To your right is a hidden switch hat opens a gate in the rock behind you. Inside you'll have to crawl to get through a small gap. Pick up the small health and head to the right and follow the tunnel, but be on the lookout for another snake. As you carry on along the tunnel you'll meet your first evil monkeys - you can spot them by their white 'socks' - which will try to bite you.

At the end of the tunnel you'll come out into an open area with a lake. Around to your left is a set of steps with some ammunition at the top. Once you've picked this up, position yourself to the right of the left-most big tree trunk (as you face the lake). Now run, jump and grab the stone 'island' (if you fall in you'll have to be quick to avoid death by piranha). Pick up the health pack and jump across to the submerged shelf on the other side of the lake. Follow this ledge to the right and flip the big switch. Now go back along the shelf, drop into the gap and swim to the right through the tunnel - the piranhas won't follow.

When you emerge from the water at the other end of the tunnel draw your guns quickly to dispose of two onkeys. Head to the right of the big mudslide and you'll find a way up - on the platform to the right you'll find some ammunition. Now head across to the platform to the left-hand side of the mudslide, pick off the two monkeys and go into the passage in the far corner, where another monkey is lurking.

You'll emerge on a platform above the lake area where you started, with a health crystal to help you along. Now you'll need to follow the branches and platforms across to the waterfall (if you're careful you can xplore the tree canopy and find some ammunition and flares). Once you're on the ledge behind the waterfall, either take the easy route behind the tree or if you're feeling brave (or you're desperate for the health pack) you can jump from branch to branch around the front.

If you take the back way you'll need to slide backwards down the slope of the falls and grab the ledge. rom the front, jump and grab the ledge. Now work you way along until you can climb up to where there are ome shotgun shells. Follow the platform - guns at the ready for yet another monkey - and crawl through the gap to the left, where you'll find a snake lying in wait. Slide down the mud slope and head through the assage, but beware of another snake around the first corner. You'll reach the top of another long slide which is best approached from the right to avoid a rolling boulder.

You'll find yourself in a room with a statue to one side and - hurrah! - a new weapon, the shotgun. A block n the far corner can be pulled to one side to reveal some shotgun shells and a space through which you rawl to get to the next room

As soon as you enter the room, a statue will come alive and try to dice you with its multiple scimitars. The best thing to do is to head up the mudslide to the platform where it can't follow you. At either end of the platform you'll find a switch – one opens a door to the left of the room, the other a grille that gives access to a hole in the floor. Open the door first then run across to it and from there take pot shots at the statue, merging only to tempt it into attack when it stops to protect itself.

Carry on through the new passage and over the block, with guns drawn to deal with nasty monkeys. Pass traight through the next room via the door in the far wall and into a room with a pool and fire-breathing statues. Stick to the centre of the room and you're safe from the flames. Swim across to the platform on the far side and flip the switch to open a gate below, then drop back into the water and follow the newly opened tunnel.

As you emerge from the tunnel beware of falling masonry and poison darts – you can spot the latter by the moke trails coming from a wall. Swim to the right and pick up the health on the small platform, then head for the other side and start climbing the wall. At the top, do a back-flip to land on the ledge behind you.

A couple of jumps later you'll probably find yourself with nowhere to go - you need to face back the way you came and you'll see that above the last platform is a wall that can be climbed if you jump across and grab it quickly.

Now there are a couple of tough jumps to a platform with a snake on it. Once you've negotiated that then you're on the home stretch: a couple more jumps and you're looking at a small passageway into a gloomy room. However, when you jump across you'll set off a rolling boulder, so be ready to jump backwards and grab the ledge so that the boulder passes harmlessly over your head.

Don't be too hasty rushing into the new room - the best plan is to crawl in, to avoid poison darts and some vicious chopping blades. Jump across the spike pit and pick up the health crystal in the next room. In the right-hand corner you'll notice a movable block. What follows is a bit complicated but here goes:

Push the first block forward once. Turn right 90 degrees and push this block four times to reveal even more blocks. Facing this row of blocks, push the right-hand one forward once. Push the second from left forward once. Now push the second from right block to the right, to reveal a switch which fills the pool a few rooms back.

Now you could go through the new tunnel and dash down towards a pit of spikes when being chased by a rolling ball (a last minute jump will save your skin), but we suggest you turn around and go back the way you came. When you've crossed the pit of spikes, head to the left-hand edge of the floor before you pass the swinging blades. Drop into the spike pit (onto the bit with no spikes, of course) and walk through the spikes to the entrance of a low passage (you'll have to crawl) which leads to a room with a snake, but also a health crystal and some ammunition. You can jump out the door into the pool with the fallen masonry, then follow the passage (be careful to avoid poison darts) back into the room with the fire-breathing dragon statues. Go back through the door at the far side and drop into the newly filled pool. Now you can pull the lever to the right - it opens the gate behind you and gives you access to a key.

Head back to the room containing the dead statue. Drop into the hole in the floor (the switch to open it is on the platform at the top of the mudslide, remember) and pull the switch to open a nearby door. Next to you is a block which, when pushed, gives access to a secret area full of ammunition and health, but you'll need to be careful to avoid the rolling boulder and plenty of poison darts. Exit the way you came.

When you pass through the next door it will shut behind you. A pit of sludge awaits - it's long but if you keep moving you can walk through it without drowning. Climb up the mudslide, turn, then run, jump, hang and climb into a long passageway with a monkey in it to shoot. Take our advice and save the game before attempting the next section.

Hit the switch in the corner and you'll open a door to a nasty passageway – two sets of sliding spikes with some low-down slicing blades in between. Once you start your run don't stop to think, just jump the blades and keep going into the room beyond. There are a couple of pesky monkeys hanging around just to get in the way.

To your right of the central structure (as you enter) is a movable block. Push and pull it until you can get up onto the top of the structure, then follow the ledge all the way around where you'll find an opening in the ceiling with a climbable wall on one side. Jump and hang on the wall and pull yourself up into the room above, which contains some ammo and a switch to open a gate back down below.

Descend carefully through the hole and circle back around the structure, looking out for a switch on one of its pillars. Flip the switch, then go back to the moveable block and push it along until you can use it to get up to the newly opened gate. This lets you drop into a pool down below.

Pull the lever to open the door, and follow the tunnel all the way through to a wide underwater room. At each end is a switch, which opens a gate in the roof halfway along the tunnel you just came through.

You're now in a long room with a pool, some fire-breathing statues and a strangely shimmering, hovering platform . Ignore the platform for now and go over and pick up the crystal at the far end of the room. Now drop into the water and pull all three switches to activate a second shimmering platform. You can now use these platforms to jump across to a raised ledge with a switch on it. The switch opens a door in the far wall, but it's on a timer so you'll have to get a shift on to get through before it shuts again. Once inside, you're locked in a room with a big gate at one end and a set of spikes at the other, plus a switch. You need to get at a key that's behind the gates, but you'll have to negotiate the spikes first - hit the switch, dash to the key and pick it up, roll and run for the door. Simple.

Back outside and you've set off a landslide. Head to the left (to avoid falling masonry) and walk through the sludge until you can climb up the mudslide. To the right you'll find a passage with some flares in it and a set of stairs. A couple of steps up and you'll set off a rolling boulder, so head back the way you came. Once it's passed you can continue on your way until you come to a couple of ornate gates: take the right-hand gate and draw your guns to take out the waiting monkey.

Hit the switch at the end of the passage to open the next door and meet a couple of monkeys. Pick up the crystal before heading down the passageway and climbing down into the room where the statue guy should be lying dead. Now use the key on the locks either side of the big gate at the end of the room and it'll swing open to let you pass.

Jump over the small pit beyond the gates and immediately start scaling the far wall, because if you hang around you'll get spiked from above. At the top you'll find a room with two monkeys, a save crystal and a couple of raised platforms either side of a big gate. In the right-hand corner near the room you've just come from you'll find a block that can be moved into position such that you can get up onto the platforms and pull both switches to open the gate. However, don't drop down in front of the gates, instead jump to one side and run across past the gates to set off a couple of boulders.

In the next room there are two sword-wielding statues: the first comes alive when you enter, the second when you climb up onto the platform with a third, motionless statue on it. It's simple to lure them near to the passage through which you entered and snipe from where they can't touch you. When you kill them, each drops a gold scimitar, which you should pick up and attach to the swordless arms of the statue on the raised platform. This opens the next gate.

You're nearly done. There's yet another moving statue in the next room, which will wake up when you pick up the key at the centre. Kill it and approach the gate at the side of the main room, which will open as you approach. This is a tough one, so save now.

Aim yourself at the switch on the far wall. Dash in, flip the switch and run to the other switch on the right-hand wall - quick as you can because there's a spiky ceiling heading your way. Finally, jump into the hole to your right and pick up the key that's lying there. Make your way out into the main room, then into the area beyond. There's a crystal and a hole in the floor. Save again.

Drop into the hole, and you'll immediately be pulled towards a set of spikes. Swim to one side and pull the lever on the wall beside the spikes. Now swim up the side, and across into the centre of the room.

Swim up the centre towards the exit, then towards the other side of the room where there's another lever to pull. Now you won't be pushed towards the spikes and you can swim over and pick up the final key below the hole you came in by.

Back outside you'll find three keyholes in a row, just waiting for the three keys you now have in your possession. Once you've clicked them all into place you can exit the level via the door at the top of the stairs behind you


OK, so you're itching to jump on the quad bike and practise your handbrake turns, but hold on just a econd: carry on past it under the waterfall and you should find a small, raised crawlspace with some flares and ammunition inside. Right, now you can get on the bike... 

Follow the path around and take your first jump over the river. The tunnel beyond takes a turn to the right - stay to the right to avoid plummeting to your death, then keep left for a small jump. Keep following the tunnel over two more jumps, where you'll find yourself at a closed gate. You'll have to dismount here and return to the raised area just before the last jump. Look across and you'll see a small passageway to jump to.

Inside you'll find a snake at the first corner and after a small climb and a jump over a hole which drops you back in front of the gate, another snake. At the very end of the tunnel is a hole that will let you drop down on the other side of the gate, with a button nearby to open it. There are a couple of monkeys around here somewhere: run back and get your bike and you can run them over instead of wasting ammunition.

Follow the right-hand path here (or go left if you want, but don't ask us for help!) down towards the river again and another cool jump. As soon as you've made the hop, dismount and climb back up out of the tunnel to meet the monkey that's approaching with a health pack. Still on foot, follow the tunnel down and to the left, keeping an eye out for three monkeys that are hanging around.

As the tunnel rises, you'll see a ledge to the left. Climb the ledge and head left into a narrow passage. In the room beyond you'll find a snake and a crawl into a room containing the first of two gate keys. Back out in the tunnel carry on the way you were going and turn left at the top for a climb into a small room with some flares and more ammunition.

Now go back into the tunnel and back down the way you came, keeping an eye out for a concealed, raised entrance on your left. This leads to a temple area with a couple of monkeys and another small health pack on the window sill. As you continue into the temple you'll see two ledges with keyholes - ignore them for now and head on through to a smaller passageway on the right.

You'll come to a dead end with an exit above. Jump and climb out into a new open area, drawing your guns immediately to take out the first of two monkeys.There's a platform with a power crystal on it, but keep away from the sludge pit on the right-hand side. Now return to the ledge above the hole you climbed out of. Position yourself such that you can do a backwards somersault onto the sloping surface to one side of the hole, then jump forward and grab the ledge in front of you and pull up. 

This ledge gives you access to the branches of the tree above. You can now use the tree to get into the next room through a gap in the wall. Keep following the branches of the trees across the new area, shooting the monkey on your way. You should now have access to the top floor of a building where, in the second room, two monkeys are guarding the second gate key and some ammunition. Two more monkeys will appear behind you as you approach the dais.

Return to the first room of the building and drop down through the hole in the floor, being careful to avoid the fire-breathing statue and two more monkeys. In the far room you'll find a switch to open the big gate over the sludge and the small gate leading outside. There are four monkeys waiting for you.

Head over to the tree whose branches you used to get into this area. Behind you'll find some blocks that will allow you to climb back up into the tree and return to the last room. Drop down into the hole you came through to get here, into the temple and head for the twin platforms with the keyholes. Use the two keys to open the gate nearby, then head back to where you left the quad bike.

You can now ride the bike up the tunnel, around and into the area with the sludge pit, jump over, go around the building and follow the path into a tunnel leading to another jump across the river and some more monkeys to squish. 

On the other side of the river turn left and dismount by the opening on your right, above the waterfall. Carefully follow the ledge around the falls to the left, keeping your eyes to the skies in case of attack by nasty great big birds. From the last platform you can jump and grab a ledge, then work your way along to an opening where you'll find a health crystal and some shotgun shells.

Now you can climb back out and drop into the water below. Head for the waterfall, where there's a simple climb up to a tunnel that marks the end of this level.


This is a rather dull level that you shouldn't waste your time exploring in too much detail. The 'hard' route just takes longer and rewards you with very little, so take our advice and follow this simple guide to finishing the whole thing in record time:

Turn left from the start, then right and left again to the end of the corridor. Turn right and drop down the hole to grab some flares. Get out of the hole and continue in the direction you were heading (i.e. left from the hole). Turn immediately right and crawl through the gap forward and left. Stand and go forward, crawl again and turn left and drop down the hole.

At the bottom take the left turn and left again to the end of the passage. Turn right and crawl. Now stand and turn left, and then right and go to the end of the passage. Now turn right, then next right, next left and right again. Drop down off the ledge, turn right and enter a room with a health crystal, flares and a hole in the floor.

When you drop through the hole you'll be in a pit of snakes with a rolling boulder chasing you. Dash forward as soon as you land and at the end of the passage, crouch and crawl through the gap to the right.

Now you can drop down and pick up the health pack and a health crystal.

Now comes the only real challenge on this level: the final boss guy. Actually he's quite easy to beat if you know how...

Slide into the boss guy room with guns drawn and immediately run and jump onto the platform to the right, being careful not to fall into the 'water' which he has turned into something really nasty. He'll start throwing fireballs at you. Aim yourself towards the centre of the room, but straight on the platform and to one side. Now, hold down the fire button while performing sideways jumps (left, right, left, right and so on) to avoid the fireballs. Lara takes care of the aiming while you just make sure you move in good time not to get fried.

When the boss is dead go around picking up the health, ammunition and the new gun - grenade launcher - before jumping into the centre and grabbing the first of the sections of the meteor. Here endeth the first section...

LONDON - Thames Wharf

As the level begins, check the surrounding area and notice the sloping wall to the right. Over the wall lies your first Secret. Run and jump over the wall utilizing the walkway leading straight to it. Collect the Save Crystal and ammo, and utilize the tall box to climb the wall.

Across the wall, hop down to the lower platform and run and jump to the crane. Drop down to the counterweight and jump over to the ladder. Follow the pathway down to the sloped roof. You have to jump to the central opening to avoid the barbwire. Walk through the barbwire and rid the room of rats and other more desirable things to find a secret.

Pull up out of the barbwire and return to the crane's arm above the counterweight. The route back is semi-obvious, but be careful to shimmy left before you slide back to the level start. Hang from the end of the walkway near the level start and you can see the ramp and the Switch below. Step backward and drop onto the slope, then jump and grab the ledge with the Switch.

Throw it and look across the gap. Run, jump, and grab to the platform with the Small Medi Pack. Slide and drop down to the green trapdoor, which was raised when you threw the Switch moments ago. In the large, dark room, the second section of the platform on the left will collapse under Lara's weight: roll onto it and run to the adjoining section, which is solid.

Run, jump, and grab from the stable section of the platform to the distant ledge. You'll bonk your head, but you can still make the grab. Follow the hallway and take the Flue Room Key from the bad guy. Backtrack to the ledge. To get out of the room, you need to hang from the corner of the platform, then drop and grab the platform below. That button opens the exit, which you reach by shimmying to the right along the crack. Back near the green trapdoor outside, you can throw the Switch on the wall to the right, then hang and drop to the level below.

Shimmy right using the invisible ledge. There are two crawl spaces to pilfer. You'll get the Secret chime when you enter the second one.  Return to the ledge with the green door and pull up into the dark crawl space. Follow the path to the right. Push the button, and then doubleback through the crawl space. The button you see in the cinematic moves the scaffold. From the end of the walkway with the green door, hang and drop to the slope, and down to ground level.

Dispose of the sniper, and don't overlook the Flares near the Save Crystal. Utilize the stack of boxes near the ammo to climb back to the upper ledges. Climb the ladders back up to where the level began.  Jump back over to the ledge above the green trapdoor. You don't need to throw the Switch first, but it couldn't hurt. Utilize the long crack to shimmy the length of the building to the right. Follow the pathway. When you come to the upper and lower passage juncture, choose the low road. You can see the scaffold far below. The button which raises it (the one which was behind the glass) is to the right. The scaffold repositions in front of the Flue Room door.

Run and jump to the scaffold, grabbing to lower your trajectory and avoid the awning. Smoke the crow and enter the Flue Room. When you push the button beyond the Save Crystal, puffs of flame cross the room. Be careful on your way out: pause and wait for the flame to fade, and run through to the safe zone between the puffs. Hang and drop from the edge of the scaffold to return to the pathway. Double back to the high road at the juncture. Before you drop down into the hole that the Flue Room button made accessible, jump and grab the ledge, and pull up near the ammo.

Look off to the left from where you picked up the ammo. Step onto the slope, slide, and drop to the small ledge below. Drop down from the ledge above and collect the rocket before climbing back to the hole in the path. Jump to the path, then hang and drop through the hole from there. Follow the passageway, jumping and grabbing from the ledge to reach the hallway with the Save Crystal. Follow the somewhat sloping hallway, careful not to slide down without that Large Medi Pack. Drop down into the room and dispose of the guard. This is the water control room. The Switch and the two buttons under glass help solve a big puzzle.

When you first arrive, one of the tanks down the hallway is full of water. The other tank is dry, and you can see a red-lit hallway off to the left, out of reach. Throw the Switch in the water control room, and then swim down into the previously dry tank. Collect the stash and pull the Switch. A door in the floor of the other tank opens. Throw the Switch in the water control room again and the water level lowers in the tank with the open trapdoor. Approach the blades and they slow enough for you to swim past. Follow the passage past the underwater fans. Look for a crawl space when it dead-ends. Drop from the upper hallway to the passage below.

In the dark room with the runaway generator, pull out the mesh box and push it so that the generator smashes the wall panel. Climb the ladder back to the water control room. You should be able to swim to the red-tinged hallway once the button is pressed. If not, flip the Switch on the wall. Through the red-tinged hallway, swim over and relieve the guard, then press the button to make the second glass-covered Switch accessible. The large tank is dry when you go to backtrack, but there's a monkey swing above. When the second button in the water control room is pressed, return to the tank that you monkey-swung above.

Swim down through the opening and follow the underwater tunnel once you collect the Harpoons. When you reach the open area, collect the underwater goodies and exit the pool into the hallway. Expect trouble.  Follow the pathway through the barbwire, jumping to the crane platform and from there to the wall. Take your time: a misstep is fatal. There's major sniper trouble lurking in the cathedral dome, as well as the last two Secrets of the level. Don't jump to the walkway on the opposite side of the dome until you get the goods. Push the movable block the short distance you can move it, and climb to the surface above. From near where you find the Small Medi Pack, run and jump along the wall, over the distant slope, and claim the Cathedral Key.

Before you take the exit path, look to the left, and you'll see an odd break in the fence line. Climb down the ladder and follow the path downward. Take the Large Medi Pack and double back to the level exit path leading away from the dome.

LONDON - Aldwych

Blow open the grating in the long hallway, and climb to the upper chamber. Watch your back as you gather goodies. Circle around and pull the box with the climbable surface. Drop down into the ticket booth area, and defend yourself. Look for another opening above a ticket booth. Since you moved the box up above, you can jump up above the ticket booth and climb to a small room. Take the Maintenance Room Key, and exit via the door. Follow the right-hand escalator and run and jump the pit. Plug the immortal and check the door.

Try your key in the door, and push the button in the small room to turn on the lights. Look on the same side of the tracks as the Maintenance Room. With the lights on, you should find an Old Penny. Drop down onto the deep set of tracks: the ones you must jump to reach the previous area. Sprint and duck off to the right to avoid the oncoming train. Clean up in the red room, and climb the ladder. Backflip from the top to reach the nearby ledge. Monkey swing along the ceiling. Be sure to make that right turn, and drop down at the wall.

Hang and drop into the drill room, jumping immediately to the left from the collapsible platform. Slide, jump and grab. Quickly shimmy to the right as the blade descends. Drop from the right half of the ledge. Drop down and jump from the slope, spinning in midair to another slope. Slide and grab the edge, then drop and grab down to the Secret. Hang and drop to the lower ledge. Now that's a Secret. In the upper chamber, climb to the dangerous ledges and side step right. Wait for the flames to die off, and hurry atop the block.

Climb upward. A Switch along the way activates another nearby trap, and opens a trapdoor back in the red room. Climb to the chamber above the train platform. Pop the rats and collect the prizes. Drop down to the platform. Backtrack to the red room via the low set of tracks.

Climb to the open trap door as you did before. In the upper room, drop the badguy and check the area. Drop down and pull the box to access a hallway. Follow the passage to a greenish corridor.

The Switches on the wall control the timed doors in the upper chamber. You only need to press one at a time. The object is to raise the piece of ceiling that prevents you from swinging over to the platform in the room on the left. Pressing the left-hand button allows you to sprint to the middle and far right rooms. When you backtrack through the red room, monkey swing to the drill room. There's a second Solomon's Key in the hall up from the drill. On your way past the ticket booths, use the Old Penny at the dark window. A Ticket appears at your feet.  Check down the second escalator. Blast  open the grating near the mudslide, and drop inside to gather the stash. Run down the tracks to the right, and shoot the guard quickly when he appears near the doors.

The Switch puzzle is maddening. There are four Switches in the area. In the room with two Switches, the right-hand one can be left alone entirely.

Once you solve the button puzzle, you can enter the Mason's room. Notice that one of the curtains extends to the ground above a collapsible floor section. Run through the curtain and take the Ornate  Star. Put both of Solomon's Keys in the Mason's Room locks, and be ready for dog trouble when you take the Masonic Mallet. Through the other door that opens in the Mason's Room, swim to the chamber. Run and jump to grab the crack in the wall, and shimmy right. Jump to the  ceiling panel and drop to the crawlspace. Use the Ticket at the barrier, wary of rats and other vermin.

Use the Ornate Star in front of the door past the row of barriers. Be ready to jump back and open fire. Follow the upper hallway and backtrack. Head down the escalator, and follow the path. Use the Masonic Mallet to open the locked door. Follow the hallway, ready for an ambush from the right. That's a backtrack route in a few moments, but not yet. Near the train, snuff the badguy and check the dark end of the cavern for even more good stuff.

Backtrack to the crack in the floor, and climb into the train. Press the  button, and exit with a new area accessible. Keep your finger off the trigger as you enter the dark hallway. You have to let the badguy up ahead live, at least temporarily. Follow the torch-bearer down the hallway. Be ready for an attack as you round the final corner: Two badguys rush at you. In the small room, press both Switches.

You need to backtrack through the train, all the way to the red room. Yes, the red room. In the hallway where you gave chase, and also near the small room wit the buttons are two ramps. Those end the level. Use the overpass to head back to the low section of tracks. Up through the trapdoor in the red room, you'll see that door has opened.

LONDON - Lud's Gate

Now that you've made friends, you can let the immortals be, and they'll keep to themselves. From the room with two small pools, choose the left-hand path. Slide to the chamber below, then quickly turn and pull up to the ledge on the right. Drop down to the crack and then the ground, and walk through the barbwire. Pull up to the wide spot in the crack and enter the dark area. There's a hole in the ceiling to use as an exit. You have to jump around a corner to grab the edge of a slope, and make it back up above the barbwire.

The button opens a nearby trapdoor. Climb to the hallway before you jump to the mesh, and grab the Large Medi Pack. Climb the mesh to this point above the green grate, then jump and spin. Don't grab, and you'll reach the ledge standing up. Backflip from the stripe in the red area, spin and grab the ladder. Climb up, then drop and grab very quickly so that Lara hangs from the ledge. From the hanging position, you can pull up to the ledge. Climb up the mesh and crawl to the end of the passage. Grab the ammo and crawl back to where you can stand up. Drop down into the room with the movable block, and drop the guard. Expect more trouble when you open the door. Move the box to the opposite end of the track, and the large area nearby is accessible.

In the large Egyptian area, climb to the opening in the ladder and follow the passage. Move the box, then climb atop it to reach the exit. You actually have to jump and grab to reach the ledge. Back in the large area, you can utilize the large pillar that has moved to reach a ledge high and to the left. Slide down the red hallway and return to the room with the first block. Pull it to the central position. Climb the tall pillar back in the large Egyptian room, and spy a Switch on the wall to the left of the ladder.

Run and jump and grab the short distance to get beneath the ledge. The Switch closes the ladder door. Back closer to the floor, monkey swing to two separate alcoves. The one opposite the Save Crystal has a Switch that opens a door high above. Climb to the upper reaches of the room using the ladder. Jump the platforms to the left as you face the room. Don't overlook the goodies nearby, and save your game at the top of the slope. Slide and jump and grab the walkway, then slide and do a standing jump forward and grab from the floor section that collapses beneath you. Take the Embalming Fluid, and continue in that direction.

Dispose of the guard in the hallway, and crawl through to the small room after checking your health. Dispose of the guard, and open the door to get the rocket before continuing down to the large sphinx room.

Monkey swing over to the far ledge and get the Save Crystal, then drop  down to the head of the sphinx at the point where you get the wide angle. Look toward the rear of the sphinx and to the left. Walk to that corner and line-up with the downward point of the ceiling. Hop backward, and then do a standing jump forward. You land on a ledge with a Small Medi Pack. Jump from there to the nearby pillar.

From the pillar, run and jump and grab the edge of the slope. Pull up, and slide and jump to the ledge where you could see the Save Crystal. Down below, remove the hostility and gather ammo. The boxes above the doorway must be repositioned. By climbing to the ledge and then using the face of the first box to climb to an upper hallway, you can reconfigure the boxes and spy a Secret. Jump and grab the edge of the blue ledge, and hang and drop to the floor to exit. Moving the second box allows you to return to near the start of the level.

Use the Embalming Fluid at the ceremonial niche in the first room of the level. A passage opens nearby. Swim down and grab the UPV. Bank to the right in the large chamber to spy an opening. Head for the  hole beneath the box as a crocodile pursues. If you get inside the hole and pivot, you can easily shoot the croc as it comes through the narrow opening. Gather the goodies from around the large area, returning to the small chamber to get air. Toward the far right corner of the room, a current sucks you to a new area.

Follow the underwater tunnel. Through the glass you can spy a Secret. Pull the lever on the wall to the right. Up above, push the  button to open another passage down in the tunnel. Follow the underwater passage.

When the area opens up, continue underwater to the right. You can surface in the area around another right turn. Below is  a room with a Switch to pull. Near the room with the lever that opens the trapdoor, there's another small opening in the wall. Gather the stash. Swim back past the underwater entrance to the large area, and continue down the narrow passage. On the right is a ledge. Climb out and keep low.

You have to stop the frogman from closing the Secret area, beneath the water and to the right. There's also an underwater tunnel off this area. In the large area, the object is to get air in the one small chamber and defend yourself while you gather the goodies. Switches in some of the chambers open doors with more Switches. Make sure you return to the air room before you try for each new Switch. You need the oxygen to make it safely. Notice the walls surrounding this Switch don't look a lot like the outer chamber. Get familiar with the area or you'll be sucking in a lung-full of murky water. The final Switch is a long haul that opens the exit hatch, to the left of the air room, and also lets loose a flurry of frogmen.

Up the water passage, drop into the murk beneath the flaming ledges to find the lever witch de-activates the trap. Dodge past the pistons, and monkey swing to the opening in the waterfall. Use the Boiler Room Key to open a hatch way back through the large underwater chamber. Stick to the left. Past the machinery and the guard, the hall dead-ends. Backtrack to discover a crawlspace off the hall. Follow the passages, running and jumping and grabbing across the chasm until you reach the purple ledge. Time for a showdown.


Lara arrives at the City showdown all alone because Sophia has left the office. The pyrotechnics that begin as Lara nears the end of the hallway mean Sophia is fully charged. The madwoman rains destruction down on the small landing. Head for the ramp. Pull up top and turn around. There's a monkey swing overhead, but you don't need it. You can run and jump the distance between the two ledges. It's much safer than swinging.

From the pillar where you grab after jumping, pull up above the monkey swing. Turn away from Sophia and look beyond the low box with the metal top. Peering over the edge, you can perceive a Secret. Hang on the ornate wall and spy an opening below. Drop down and grab the ledge, then pull up to pilfer the goodies from the chamber.

Hang and drop back to the floor outside, ready for an assault. Sophia continues to hammer away as you climb back to the ledge with the small metal box. Try not to get caught out in the open. Listen for the sound of your foe recharging her power. In the opposite direction of the  Secret is a walkway leading to a button. Roll as soon as you push the button, as Sophia zeroes in for the kill.  Hustle back along the walkway. A trapdoor has opened to the ledge above. Pull up to the ledge. Now you're almost on the same level as the boss. Run along the upper walkway toward the ladder.

You can hide out near the base of the ladder and wait for the boss to recharge. Quickly climb up the ladder when the time is right. At the top of the ladder, quickly crawl through the space on the right. If you linger,  or take too long scooping up the Small Medi Pack, you will pay. Crawl through and then turn around and climb atop the crawl space.  Off to the right, you can see an easy jump to the bad side of town, but don't make that leap just yet. Instead, run along the upper walkway. Run, jump, and grab the distant ledge as the boss unloads to your right. Climb up and keep moving straight ahead. There's a fuse box on the wall.

Shoot the fuse box and Sophia gets an overload of power. You can see the last of the relics across the way, but the direct route is electrified. Now's the time to head back and make that easy jump. It's on the other side of the crawl space. Run, jump, and grab the distant ledge to return to the area above the crawl space. Stand at the very edge of the ledge and jump forward across the street.

You have to pick your way carefully through the charged area. Climb the relatively tall wood-sided box. Next, climb over the smaller box. Finally, climb over the box to the right of the artifact. Press the button to cut the power; then take your prize.

NEVADA DESERT - Nevada Desert

Look to the skies as the level gets underway, and get used to it. You never know what you might see ... There's also rattlers to contend with. They favor the bushes. Off to the right, a snake rests with a rocket. Cross the pool and explore the passage. There's a hallway at the far end that's hard to see from a distance. Push the movable block that you find along the path. Take the ammo and continue up the trail. From the central platform of the two running jumps, you can hang and drop into a barbwire-free zone. To exit the area, you push the block that you pushed just a few moments before. Dealing with the nearby snake firstis prudent.

Continue along the path, perhaps walking slowly to the right of the metal box, ready to pan the camera up and to the right ... Run and jump from the trail near the metal box to the ledge. Dispose of the snake near the bush, then run and jump to the closest portion of the distant walkway. Run off the end of the path when it dead-ends, and you'll land on a ledge below. Continue along the trail, stepping down to claim a Large Medi Pack, then go back to the trail and run for the rocks. Run, jump, and grab toward the rock pile from the ledge, and continue to the top of the box, wary of the snake. Drop through the hole in the top of the large metal box and you'll fall into a waterway far below. Swim along until you can surface.

The large canyon is dominated by the waterfalls at one end. In the opposite direction from the falls, the trail is less glamorous. That's your route. Be ready for a bird attack the first time down the path. There are a couple of harrowing jumps­like around a corner to grab a ledge­but get used to it. This is the big backtrack route. Eventually, you reach a  high ledge. You should be on the same level with the rock formation.

Run and jump across the canyon to the ledge on the far side. Since this is your first trip, you might as well climb down and get the secret. From the secret, drop into the water below. There's plenty of stuff scattered on the river floor. Don't overlook the waterfall niches  From the water, climb the low red rock near the waterfall. Climb the tall red rock next to that. Run and jump to the slope directly across the canyon. Don't grab! If you just run and jump, you arrive standing up. Time for the big backtrack. Head back around the canyon as you did to find the secret, but this time stick to the upper path. Jump shy of the bush, or you'll step on the snake lurking thereabouts. Don't fall in the hole on the ledge when you jump past the rock. Past the rock and the hole, hang from the ledge and drop to the crack below.

Shimmy left. From the ledge at the end of the crack, jump up and grab the underside of the ledge. Swing hand-over-hand to the cliff face. Press up against the cliff, then drop and grab to hold the surface. Climb to the left and up. In the area near the Save Crystal, you can see a big TNT box down below. There are also Flares down there. You need the Detonator Key to set off the charge. Now's a good time to save.  Jump to the slope beside the falls, and grab the edge when you slide.

Climb down to the ledge below, Follow it along the cliff. From the end of the ledge, jump and grab the tall climbable surface. Climb all the way to the top, and backflip to a flat rock. From the flat rock, jump and grab the slope in between the falls. When you pull up, you'll slide toward a ledge. Jump and grab. Take the ammo, jump to the crack, and shimmy  right. When the camera pulls back, drop and jump to backflip across the waterway. Jump the small platforms up the stream. A gigantic waterwheel dominates the cavern. On the left shore, round a boulder to  the left and kill a snake.

About-face at that point and crawl under the large rock. Back on the shore, there's a small chamber to the left of the waterwheel. Inside is an elevator in the down position. On the elevator is the Detonator for the TNT. Kill the badguy and climb the waterwheel.

Follow the sides of the channel to an open area, ready for an air assault. In the water to the right, which is safe, you can swim down to a switch which opens a nearby door. Once you collect the ammo from the small underwater chamber, throw the switch closer to the falling water. As soon as you go inside the underwater tunnel that opens, look for a switch on the dark wall overhead. Pull it. Swim through the tunnel, pulling another more obvious switch, and you'll surface in a hallway.

Throwing the switch here activates the waterwheel. On your way back to the waterwheel, check the dry river bed. You can jump to the upper ledge, then back to the river bed. There's a block below that let's you get behind the falls. You can get back to the river bed from one end of that same block.

Your ultimate destination is the elevator chamber near the waterwheel.  Dispose of the guard and take the Detonator. Now it's time to backtrack once again. Back at the TNT box, notice the boulder that will threaten to ruin the big moment. Use the Detonator and jump to the left. In the blown-up area, climb the ledges. From the highest, large ledge, you can climb to the next area. It's a quick trip around this large area, if you know where you're going. Circle the fence to the left and  climb to the narrow, dark passage. At the juncture, jump and grab the upper ledge. There's no need to go down just yet. Swim down in the  chamber: there are two switches to pull. One is behind the pillar, the other is in the tunnel. Backtrack to the area near the electrified fence.

This time, go down the wide cave opening.  Snuff the snakes and throw the switch inside the small building. Return to the narrower passage, and choose the low road at the juncture. Once the guards are dealt with, you can jump from the structure to a box across the fence. Expect trouble as soon as you hit the box across the fence. Remember that nearby lethal current as you fight: best to get out of the narrow area. In the buildings you'll find badguys, a lock, and the Quad Bike. You can ride the Quad to the top of the building (risky) or use the box and grating to climb to the Generator Access pass roof. Backflip when you open the generator room and take decisive action. With the electricity off, open up the main gate­the switch is right beside it.

Ride the Quad Bike down into the cave and use the big jump to clear the fence.

NEVADA DESERT - High Security Compound

Jump into the window to summon the guard. When he arrives, sprint past him and off the railing outside. Wait for the guard to chase you down the stairs, then hustle back up toward your cell. Hit the switch on the wall beside the cell next door, and the inmate comes out to battle the guard. Open up all the cell doors, and notice the one which was open to begin with.

Push the first box, and a crawl space is revealed. Crawl through, and push the box, this allows you to push the first box back down the passage, exposing the same crawl space, now on your right. By manipulating the boxes and using the crawl space, you can reach the sector which you originally pushed the second box into. Up above the passage which leads from the cell, you can jump and grab a walkway.

Run and jump across the barbwire pit.

Walk through the barbwire to reach the switch. Use the ledge near the switch to reach the trapdoor. Climb about halfway down and look for a ledge on the left. Jump over the first trapdoor you come across in the darkened hallway. Drop through the trapdoor in the small room and you'll fall into a control center. Hit the button on the wall nearby. The inmates arrive to mug the MP, who drops a Security Pass.

Check the door to the left of the dining room entrance. The room with the large boxes is a straightforward movement puzzle. Run around the room, pushing the movable box   beneath the hole in the ceiling. Up above the box room, jump the pipe and throw the switch on the wall. Swim back through the box room, and up through another hole in the ceiling.

Jump across the sizzling kitchen to the room with the red floor. Follow the walkway, wary of barbwire pits. In the yellow chamber, throw the switch on the wall to shut off the kitchen grill. Backtrack through the hole in the ceiling where you arrive, though the button opens the nearby door. Double back to the outer walkway, and then go through the room with the red floor to the hole above the kitchen.

Drop down into the kitchen and open the door at the far end. In the short hallway, open the door around the corner to the right before you open the portal on the left. Sprint back through the kitchen and buttonhook mright, then turn left in the hallway. You have to beat feet back to the cell block so that the inmates can help you. Check the room that the guard came out of to find the switch that raises the vent above the kitchen grill. Jump to the crack and shimmy left, then jump from the sloped surface to the flat area across the pit. Climb up into the crawl space.

Follow the passage. The man in the corridor is an inmate. In the steep green hallway, let the guard pass. Now sprint up. Hang a right and hustle across the large area. Don't let the guard see you. Follow the open passage to the lower cell block. When you open the cell door, the inmate hustles up the corridor. Follow him. Up above, you'll see that the inmate has taken care of business. Pick up the Security Pass and use it on the nearby door. Follow the large passage once you've deactivated the electric beams. Get the guard's attention, then run left down the hallway. Open the cell in the corridor and take the key that the guard drops. It fits in the lock in the large open area. When you see the guard below, crouch down and go through the crawl space. Crawl over to the switch. The guard is armed.

Hit the switch when the guard is on your left (as you face the switch) and jump the red electric beam to enter the hallway.  Follow the hall to the large chamber. Along the walkway, look down and spy an opening just above a platform. Moving the big dish is not such a big deal. Instead of jumping through the hole beneath the big dish, hang and drop from the lowest support to the ground far below.

Climb the ladder off of the ground level. In the corridor, sneak past the guard. Remember this spot. Later on there's a Secret nearby. Backtrack with the Security Pass to the red hallway. Near the door, push the button to open the portal. The switch on the other side of the grating will close the door up again: do not go to the trouble of finding that switch. It's evil. Put the Security Pass in the lock and climb the ladder. The hole in the side of the large chamber, above the waterline, is the path to the evil switch. Don't do it. Jump in the water and take the Save Crystal as you swim down the tunnel. Swim the long tunnel and then backtrack for the power-ups. In the small room, be mindful not to surface in the path of the electric beams. Climb up and jump the beams to the ledge. In the cargo area, climb the boxes on the left.

Pistols and the Desert Eagle await you in the small room. When you exit the room, sprint through the electric eye and beneath the ledge as the gun turret unloads. The gun will reset once you're out of sight. Climb the boxes back to the cargo area. Time for the big Secret backtrack. Since the door in the yellowish alcove is open, you can make it back to the floor area of the chamber with the big dish. Go all the way back to the guard that was looking in the wrong direction. He's armed and dangerous. Take the Security Pass he drops and open the door at the far end of the corridor. In the short hallway, pick up the Grenade Launcher. Backtrack once more, all the way to the cargo room. Head up the wide slope, ready for armed resistance.

Clear the hallway and take the ladder upstairs. The button on the right is the one you want in order to move the boxes. The other lets enemies enter from the nearby gate. Use the box to climb to the upper ledge in the cargo area. Monkey-swing over to the ledge. Watch that winch when you exit back to this area, that's when it's a killer. Kill the guard above and take his Security Pass. Open the final locked gate and rid the area of villains. When you climb in the back of the truck, the level ends.


Exit the truck and pillage the boxes on the left, then give chase to the guard. You can't let him reach the distant alarm. As long as the guard doesn't reach the alarm pad, the MP5 is within your reach. Leave the switch alone. Use the nearby button to open the grating and crawl through. Take the Large Medi Pack. As you enter the dangerous crawl space, crouch and crawl to the left. You have to time it just right, but it's worth another Large Medi Pack. Crawl back into the laser tunnel as the trap moves away. When it passes overhead, stand and run to the ledge, using the Action and Forward buttons to climb up quickly.

Wait for the guard to pass on your right, and crawl quickly out of the crawl space. You have to stop the guard before he gets to the alarm pad. Try the Desert Eagle. Expect more trouble when you open the room nearby. Crawl through the hole in the wall to avoid the laser-trigger turret up ahead. Follow the hallway. Take out the guard in the long hallway. Round the corner to the switch above the obvious trapdoor. Throw the switch and let Lara fall. There's no need to be too tricky.

From where Lara lands, turn to the left and go around to the right of the pillar. When you step around the pillar, look to the left. A guard will be going for an alarm pad. If he makes it, he seals off a Secret and let's loose some doggies. Go with the Eagle. Once you've collected the Grenades, drop down to the wire mesh floor and pull the switch. A trapdoor drops you to the area below. Kill the guard on duty. If you stopped the sniper upstairs, the grating is open. As long as the sniper in the upper area was killed before reaching the alarm pad, the small crawl space is open. Collect the ammo and drop through the trapdoor mesh to the hallway below. Deal with the guard and investigate the near corner.

When you open the small cell with the switch in the hall, the prisoner you let loose takes on the arriving MP. Crawl in and get the Large Medi Pak. In the long hallway, bypass the laser traps in favor of the crawl space. Kill the MP. The buttons on the large panels are monitors for the trap up ahead. When you go for the door in the chamber, bad guys arrive from either side. A switch in one badguy's alcove opens the crawl space in the other.

Trip the green alarm beams and shoot the guard. Continue up the corridor. When the corridor branches, head to the right. Use the cover of the wall to take down the sniper near the rocket. Take the Code Clearance Disk from the ledge and return to the hallway through which you arrived. At the other end of the hallway, the left turn from the steep corridor, is the console which requires the disk. Hop over the intersecting alarm beams. With the missile lifted, you can reach the ammo on the ledge.

Run and jump to the ladder between the two missiles. Backflip from the top of the climb. Peg the sniper in the far corner of the upper area with the Desert Eagle. Leap to the sniper's ledge, using the gap in the beams above, and take the Hangar Access Key. At the other end of the sniper's ledge, drop down to the platform on the other side of the winch. Shoot the funky grating on the wall near the winch and climb into the tunnel. Follow the corridor for a prize. Head back to the rocket room. There's a hallway at floor level.

Step past the hole in the floor. That's launch control. Continue in the upper hallway and apply the Hangar Access Key to the lock. Kill the guard on the train platform and drop carefully into the area near the electrified rail. Climb the mesh and push the button. The train arrives far down the track when you push the button. From the nearby ledge, stand and jump to the corner of the car. From the end of the train, jump up and grab the edge of the hallway above. Jump up and use the monkey swing above the second set of gratings. You'll have to follow the laser trap for a short distance, then turn and drop to solid ground when the trap approaches.

Run and jump to the platform and whip out that Shotgun to deal with the fleeing figure. If he makes it off up the hallway, many more enemies will lie in wait. Follow the hallway around the UFO. Be careful not to trip any of the green electric eyes, or the gun turrets make you pay. Climb the boxes to the opposite hall, mindful of another guard up ahead. He breaks left to right in the large room, going for an alarm down the short hallway. The first time you push each of the buttons on the upper walk, a sniper appears in the hallway below. Take care of them before trying the puzzle for real. As you face the buttons, push the left one first, then the right. Use the white top of the console to move quickly from one ledge to the other, and also to cushion your jump to the floor.

Relieve the guard and flip the switches. Try the two on the right end, then try the switch that's one in from the left-hand side. When activated simultaneously, the UFO becomes accessible. Back near the UFO, push the button and climb the ladder. Backflip from the top of the ladder to the rafters. Run and jump around the rafters. You can step down to a walkway above the saucer. Later on, you'll have to repeat the rafter walk to get the nearby Secret. Backtrack. The Launch Code from the top of the saucer goes in a key reader down the hole in the floor. Now you're at Launch Control, back near the big rocket room. The key from the top of the saucer makes the button accessible. When you push the button, jump left, roll, and run into a full sprint. Keep running straight while the cinematic plays.

Climb high up in the area where the rocket was launched. Kill the guard and open the nearby corridor. It'll seal behind you. Past the laser trap, plug the sniper. Rid the general area of villains and collect the key which accesses the saucer. Throw the switch downstairs to open the trapdoor. Backtrack to the saucer area. Take the goodies from the area and climb back into the rafters. Past thewalkway leading out to the saucer, run, jump, and grab to the open doorway. From the upper rafters, you can enter a hallway connecting to the huge aquarium. Take the Save Crystal and don't fool around for too long. It's tough to get back out of the tank, and a long drop to the floor.

The last few goons wait inside the saucer, which seals on your entry. When you take the relic from the upper chamber, Nevada is history.

SOUTH PACIFIC - Coastal Village

As the level begins, turn to the right and swim into the lagoon. On the floor of the area below is a square block and the Smuggler's Key. Swim toward the main beach and pull up onto the rock with the Small Medi Pak. Turn your back to the coast and spy several flat rocks along the cliffs. Run, jump, and grab the edge of the slope, then shimmy right to reach flat ground.  Jump to the square, flat section of ground, then run, jump, and grab the distant platform to claim the MP5 ammo. One of the routes starts in the hut with the trapdoor. The Smuggler's Key opens the hole. The more obvious route heads down behind the yellowish ridge. Once you slide down, you can't come back. Follow the cave up into a bushy area where a tribesman hides. Run, jump, and grab the platform in the middle of the mire. When you stand up, a dart trap activates. Stay still, then run and jump to safety.

Up above the mire, you can see the footbridge that is part of the alternative route. Follow the cave to an opening, ready for more native resistance. Just to the left as you come through the mire, climb onto the tree roots. From there, you can grab the nearby ledge and pull up. If you're feeling ambitious, you can make a series of jumps away from the direction of the mire, along the cliff to some Shotgun shells. Follow the branch that runs parallel to the foot bridge.

Run, jump, and grab the branch where you can see the first Serpent Stone. There are three to find. At the opposite end of the branch where you find the first Serpent Stone, pull up to the ledge obscured by the foliage and collect the ammo. From the branch with the first Serpent Stone, slide down to the ground. You can see a Save Crystal through the large trees from the edge of the ledge, facing the waterfall. Drop down and grab the crystal and continue along the path. Jump behind the falls to enter the dark chamber.

You'll find the second of the Serpent Stones behind the falls. Stand back from the edge of the ledge and jump from an angle to exit. Stick the landing. From the platform in the center of the falls, run, jump, and grab the ladder. Climb up. Follow the passageway and climb up the long ladder to the upper area. Kill the tribesman on the ledge, then run, jump, and grab another ledge from there. Jump to the outer ledge near the third Serpent Stone, then jump around the corner, mindful of the torch, and claim the prize.

Slide down from the ledge where the third stone sat, and place all three jewels in the hallway fixtures. The entrance to the main village opens. Kill the warrior on the high ledge, then claim the Small Medi Pack Down below, trouble comes from the left. The hut on the right holds a rocket. As you come down the hill, follow the pathway leading beside the hut on the left. The warrior that appears is blowing poison darts. Follow the pathway to the area near the large swamp. Kill the warrior on the ledge and turn the wheel. Expect trouble en route back to the village. Don't even think about going for that Large Medi Pack. Pass by the hut to find another area of the village.  Enter the new area with caution; after first climbing up above to take the shells. Check between the huts, where an ambush awaits.

Through the central path between the huts, look to the right. Light a Flare and watch your back when you pillage the Secret cave. To the right of the tree house is a ledge you can climb. Check the huts upstairs. Be wary of another dart-blower. When you spin the wheel in the hut, the trapdoor below the tree house opens and a tribesman attacks. From the tree house window, stand and jump to the roof in front of you, then jump immediately and grab to reach the ledge.  Blast the bad guy lurking in the hall and follow the passage. Hop across the upper area, mindful of the hole in the floor. Jump from the top of the far hut and grab the vines above. Monkey-swing to the end of the line.

Turn right and then stay to the left at the intersection. The button in the hut raises a grating that allows you to get across the flames. Sprint past the razor disks and spin the wheel to open the trapdoor in the pool. Slide backward, then hang and drop down the slope. There's a crocodile lurking in the tunnel that you access from the hallway wheel. Perhaps you can roll at the left-hand corner and retreat back to the safety of the shore.

If you decide to drop down the hole in the hut, more power to you. Save the game. Run and jump from the upper section of hallway to avoid the trap. In the large cave, climb to the torch. Watch out for the blow-dart sniper. Monkey-swing from the ledge near the torch across the cave. Drop down to the low ledge and climb the green rocks to your right.Climb to the corner above the entryway. Monkey-swing in the direction of the Save Crystal.

Stand with your back to the wall and jump forward onto the slide. Jump the gap at the bottom of the slide to reach the ledge across the way. Watch for a sniper near the ladder above the razor grass. Run, jump, and grab the ladder. Hang near the Large Medi Pak and shimmy left. Run off the ledge with the Save Crystal, in the direction of the large wall. Just out onto the footbridge, turn and look to the right. Run, jump, and grab toward the pillar and you'll grab the side of it. Climb up and follow the ledges to the ammo. Kill the tribesman and crawl beneath the razor disk. Use the light switch around to the right to deactivate the dart trap and lower the razor grass across the water. The chute past the Save Crystal leads to the main village.


Use the Swamp Map to navigate the dangerous mire. Before you make the final jump from the swamp, jump off to the left and pull up into the small chamber. To jump back, run and jump from the very corner of the pad below the Secret.  Test out the MP5 on the first of many raptors, the one lurking in the fog. Climb the rocks through the fog. In the area above, slay the raptor to the left, then take the path to the right. Look behind the large tree to  find a dark hallway. Throw the two Switches inside to open the exit.

If you don't shoot the soldiers, they will not fire at you. In the large open area, take out some Raptors, then head down the hallway to the right of the falls. In the dark, the hallway turns to the right. Climb the ladder, then backflip and jump from the slope to the branch above Shoot the raptor carcass and it drops to the stream below. That'll occupy the piranha indefinitely.

Before you jump down into the stream, jump and grab the high branch. Be careful walking on the irregular limb to find a secret. Then drop down into the stream and pull the Switch while the fish feed nearby.  The dark room with the three Switches is a nasty raptor trap. Throw a Switch, roll, run, and jump to the safety of the nearby box. From there, chase off the raptors in the vicinity, and make sure there are none behind you in the shadows before you hop down to throw the next Switch. Each time you pull a Switch, more raptors are released. When all three Switches have been pulled, jump and grab from the box to reach the upper area. Take Lieutenant Tuckerman's Key, wary of the raptor ambush.

Double back to the pathway near the crashed plane and you should find a small, dimly lit corridor. Follow the corridor to the ledge above the open area. Collect the ammo. When you venture out toward the soldier, raptors attack from either side. Roll and run back to the ledge.  When you are ambushed upon arriving in the upper area, don't be so quick to shoot the raptors. They usually make quick work of the soldier unless you intervene with more than Pistols. You can run past them and down the slope. Disperse the lizards and take the Small Medi Pack. When you take Commander Bishop's Key from his body in the nest, the torch near the first sealed door lights, and the door opens.

Throw the Switch inside and a distant door opens back by the water pools. If you can throw that Switch, you gain access to the upper area (through the first hall) and any raptors in the area will come down to chew on the T-Rex. While that's going on, you can go back to the upper area and get the Secret. If any raptors come back up top, it's because the T-Rex lost the fight.  Even if you kill the T-Rex and everything else in the vicinity, you can expect a single raptor to arrive when you throw the second green-hall Switch. Getting to the Secret up in the tree limbs, above the upper area, can be a bit tedious.

Line up Lara's head so that the peak of the tree limb frames her head as she's standing on the edge of the ledge below. Jump forward and grab: you want to have one hand on either side of the limb's peak in order for her to grab hold and pull up. You can take the Large Medi Pack relatively easily by skipping over the small gap between limbs near the tree trunk. Make sure that you jump for the Flares at the tallest gap between the limb and the tree canopy, and stick the landing.

Retrace your path back to where you first came upon the plane and killed the raptor. In that dark area is a low pillar to which you can jump and grab the top of. Climb up the tree, and monkey-swing to the trunk. Monkey-swing onto the long limb high above. When the camera pulls back, drop from the right side of the swing, about a meter from the end of the limb.

Climb down the wall and shimmy left. Pull up on the ledge and crawl inside. Some places on the ledge won't let you climb down because of the slope below. Keep backing toward the ledge until you can climb down. Climb into the alcove and monkey-swing to the doorway looking into the large chamber. The first Switch is on the ledge below where  you first enter the large chamber.

Once you throw the first Switch, monkey-swing to the wall nearby and climb down to the second Switch. Jump from the second Switch ledge to the central pillar with the Save Crystal. From the central pillar, about-face, run, jump, and grab the ledge back near the entrance. Throw the first Switch again and take the long route on the monkey swing. Climb down the wall near the dead end. Backflip from the very bottom of the ladder to reach the alcove. Once you make it safely back from the third Switch, monkey-swing through to a new chamber.

Run, jump, and grab the limb, then run and jump from there to the top of the plane. Inside the plane, dispose of the raptor and use both keys in the cockpit. With the power in the cockpit turned on, check the lower area of the plane. Throw the Switch below and the big gun extends into the outdoors where a major battle is brewing. Cut loose on the raptors and any unfortunate soldiers in the area. Across the river, in the corner of the structure on the right, are two walls that also blow open. That's the Crash Site exit.

 SOUTH PACIFIC - Mudubu Gorge

Check out the area where you begin. In addition to the pack of bats, there's a dragon in the trees, and another living beneath the ledge of the gorge. Climb down the pillars. Take a step back from the edge and stand and jump to the central block. From there, you can jump and grab the distant rocks, shimmy right and you'll find a Switch which opens a trapdoor back near the start of the level. You can get back to the start by backflipping from the slope to the block in the center of the river. Back near the start of the level, check under the overhang, where the bats came from. Collect the ammo from up above, but return to the edge below.

Return to the far side of the gorge, and this time shimmy to the left. You can hang, then drop and grab the ledge below. Also, above this area is the monkey swing that takes you back across the gorge. Follow the trail along the shore and jump past the slope to the flatland near the opening. Past the sealed door, hang, drop, and jump from the second ledge, and you backflip over the razor grass. When you crawl into the space, a lime green dragon comes out. Collect the Save Crystal from the dead end, and watch for a lurking dragon on the way back.

Clean up the stairway back through the crawl space and push the button to open the sealed door. Behind the waterfall, collect the ammo from floor level and monkey-swing to the ledge above the slope. First, you have to slide, then jump and grab the tall pillar. Run and jump across the central pillar to grab the Save Crystal, and continue in that direction. Out of the Secret area, run, jump, and grab the climbable cliff face. At the top, the next Secret is to your right.

Backflip from the ledge above to the steep slope, and grab the edge when you slide down. Shimmy right and drop to the short platform below. To make it back from the shack, you have to run and jump from the short platform, mindful of your head, to the ledge across the way. Back on the trail, past the ledge where you backflip to the Secret, clear out the crocodiles near the Kayak. The Switch that opens the gate is below the corner, beneath the dark water. When you come through the gate from the pool, row backward furiously to slow your descent, and then move into the cove to the right. Fight the current around the perimeter of the lagoon and into the niche with the Save Crystal.

Over the first falls, stick to the wall on the right to avoid the big boulder, as well as the trip line. Around the bend, the current pulls you to the right. Row backward to the trip line that deactivates the blades. Over the second falls, the rock is on the left. Row backward like a madwoman to keep from getting sucked over the rapids. Don't try to change direction, as you can't afford to bounce into the rock walls upstream. In the dark cavern, follow the stream around to the right.

Negotiate the run by rowing backward to slow yourself and picking your way around the trip lines. At the last trip line, turn to one side and rowbackward, but not too far: just make it around the corner. Just past the last trip line, begin rowing forward to make it into the narrow opening. This is the toughest part of the run, but it beats the heck out of going the other direction. The last stretch of the rapids is marked with pockets of razor grass. Keep left initially; then go with the flow. Finally, you're dumped into a larger chamber.

Removing the huge plug from the bottom of the pool is the main puzzle of the level. Off the plug room, to the left of a whitewater tunnel, is a relatively quiet avenue you should explore. As long as you can keep from banging the walls, you can make it into a large chamber with a bright waterfall. Behind the bright waterfall, paddle back and get the Save Crystal. There are other goodies on the shore which you'll have to get later. Back in the plug room, take the greenish tunnel.

Up the greenish tunnel, a crocodile awaits your frantic exit from the Kayak. Once you settle the score with the croc, monkey-swing out over the chamber, and time your swings to pass safely by the flaming faces. Jump to the distant ledge, and claim the Rocket Launcher. Continue up the rock near the weapon. Follow the trail to the chamber with the bright waterfall. You can run, jump, and grab to get the ammo across the falls. Double back down the shore from the bright waterfall and climb to the ledge on the left.

Monkey-swing out to the juncture. After you hear the bats chatter, stop moving forward. Pivot left and drop off at the wall. Collect the ammo from the left-hand shore and monkey-swing over to the opposite side of the stream. Jump around the corner to the slope, and from there to the platform. Jump back and grab the wall. Climb. When you reach the outside area, look for a tunnel on your right. Inside the tunnel, you have to duck a number of rolling boulders. Past the boulders, you arrive upstream. Run and jump to the platform on the right and climb to the crawl space. Through the crawl space, stand and jump to the central platform, and then run and jump to the ledge beyond. Watch your head and stick the landings.

Ride the rope slider down. You have to jump off on the entryway ledge, or you'll take a small amount of damage from landing in the room. Climb the tall texture, ready for a dragon ambush from the right, at the top. Throw the Switch in the outer hall to pull the plug. When the torch lights in the nearby hallway, another dragon comes out to play.

Return to the Kayak and head down the drain. You have to ride the edge or you'll take serious damage from the fall into the chamber below. Kill the crocodile. Beneath the ledge is a Switch that opens the exit and release a pair of crocs into the small pool.

 SOUTH PACIFIC - Temple of Puna

The temple begins in a hostile intersection. Draw your weapon and look to the right. Blast the tribesmen in the hallway. If you get poisoned, quickly clean the stairs of all the enemies before having a Medi Pack. In the lower area, the gate is the entrance to the boss's lair. The large room with the boulder on the ramp is the final stage of the trap leading up to the boss. The enemies attack as soon as this level gets underway.

Follow the stairway up, ready for one last blow-dart warrior on the long switchback staircase. At the top of the stairs, crawl through to the level's big puzzle. The line of rolling blades rakes the room from end to end. Jump from the upper ledge (sliding slows you down) and sprint to the near right corner as the blades roll away. Quickly orient yourself so that Lara is in the very corner of the room, standing at an angle with the corner directly behind her.

When the blade rolls back toward the far end of the room, you have a few seconds to get out of the corner and hit the Switch. When the blades head to the far end of the room, sprint across to the corner near the Switch. Don't turn to face the center of the room until the blades reverse away again.

To get to the other end of the room, you'll have to step out as the blades roll away, and line up with one of the "axles." Jump the gap between a set of blades and sprint for a distant corner. Keep your nerve and watch your health. As long as you're relatively healthy, you can survive a couple of nicks. Consider backflipping out of the corners. A small turn sets you up nicely with the nearby button.

When the fourth button is pushed, the distant door opens. From the safety of the door, you can see that the Save Crystal is slightly off-center in the room. Let the blades roll to the left. Sprint out for the prize, ready to roll just as you reach it. Sprint back for safety. As long as you keep a reasonably straight line and aim for the left-hand side of the open door, you can make it. Down the slope, the puzzle seems to require that you throw all three Switches before the ceiling tenderizes our heroine.

Although you can solve the puzzle by throwing Switches, simply pull out the box. The spikes descend, and get stuck at the box top. Throw all three Switches to open the door. Hang and drop down the hole. In the large room, the first of two boulders is poised for its downhill run.

When you throw the Switch, the area lights up, and the entry door seals.  Sprint down the run as the big rock releases. Sprint out the door, back into the area you saw when the level began. Make a right turn. In the passageway, make for the Save Crystal. The flooring panels will collapse unless you stick to the center of the run, so keep moving. As long as you don't start sprinting too soon, you should have just enough juice to make it to safety, between the two slopes. Don't sweat it if you miss the Save Crystal on the first pass.

You can crawl back and take the Save Crystal from beneath the rock. As you walk into the hallway, a tribesman appears on the right, near the boss's gate. Two more enemies appear moments later on the left.Climb back up the long staircase. At the point where it switches back, a portal opens high above. You can barely see it in the dark. Jump from the stairs to the wall and shimmy left to the opening.

In the dimly lit room, collect the precious ammo. Once you slide down the slope behind the open gate, you enter the lair. The boss sits with his back to you on a high throne. You have to approach to get his attention. Jump from side to side, and keep those guns blazing. A couple of times during the fight, the boss fires an odd colored bolt off to one side and summons some help.

Take care of the hired help before turning back to the boss. The boss won't attack you until the summoned enemy is dearly departed. Don't worry too much about getting poisoned. If Puna tags you with a lightning bolt, no amount of health will save you anyway. Keep hopping from side to side so that the lightning bolts consistently go wide. Collect the Small Medi Packs from the main platform. After you claim the relic, the South Pacific Islands are behind you.

 ANTARCTICA - Antarctica

As the level begins, notice how the water saps Lara's health after a very short dunk. It almost makes the ammo nearby not worth the effort. Follow the coastline past the hut. hat's a Secret that you can't get at for some time. Jump the channel alongside the ship. In the open area, you're going to have to get wet: climb quickly out at the low protrusion. Jump in the water once more, and climb out near the front of the ship.

Climb the cliffs, and look for the monkey swing above to guide you in the right direction. Swing to the end of the line and drop to the small ledge below. The entrance on this end of the ship is through a hole in the deck. Check it out. Down below, fight your way to the room with the machinery. To the left of the machine is a Switch on the wall. It opens the trapdoor at Lara's feet.

Drop down the trapdoor and follow the hallways, disposing of thugs along the way. Look to the right in the odd-shaped juncture. There's also a hole in the ceiling on Lara's left. In the direction of the orange pipe, whack the bad guy and drop through the trapdoor. Down below, fight your way to the small window. Outside, you can see the Boat, the last of Lara's vehicles. Push the button and it falls to the water. Double back and go up through the ceiling at the odd juncture.

Hang a right when you come out onto the deck and follow the walkway near the cliff. Jump and grab toward the opening from the edge of the deck and collect valuable prizes. Bail from the ship to the waiting Boat below, confident that you can clamber aboard before dying. Pilot the small craft around the ship, near the cliff, and down the waterway past the hut. Pull over to the ledge a short way down the tunnel, and disembark.

Slide, jump, and grab from the slope to catch a ledge above. You really need to use a Flare to see what's going on. Head to the right. Grab the Large Medi Pack, and backtrack through the crawl space. You'll drop down into the water near the Boat. Try for the ammo underwater. Guide the Boat farther along the tunnel, and it opens up into an area near a water gate. Hop ashore once more, and expect a welcoming committee. Monkey-swing along the bars, careful at each turn. At the end of the line, the path divides: go to the end of the right-hand branch and drop. Fight your way along the snowy tunnel. There are thugs and huskies in large numbers.

Past a raised structure, there's an opening in the side of a building. Proceeded with caution. In the new area, press the button on the wall and loop around the building to the left. Around the corner of the building there's a watery hole near a pipe. Drop to the water and swim quickly to the left to reach a ledge. Check the fuel valves. The water here is only knee-deep, and not harmful. Climb the ladder beyond the fuel valves to a new area.

Up top, the generator room is sealed. Opposite the generator room, head around to the left in the outside area and follow the path. The dogs are penned in for now, but you can come back and open the area when the power is flowing. Follow the path, wary of (non-lethal) pitfalls and heavy resistance. You can climb down beneath the bridge to battle for ammo.

Back in the familiar area, by-pass the watery hole to the fuel valves and enter the large cave. Defend yourself near the building. The slamming doors are deadly almost on contact. But, as any good Tomb Raider knows, Lara can roll through them in a flash from about one step away.  Fight your way to the Crowbar upstairs. When you use it later on, don't just leave it lying there. Head back to the familiar area via a new route, and backtrack down the dark hallway.

Climb into the raised structure. Throw the Switch on the wall, and use the Crowbar to open the door. Drop down the hatch and study the map. In order for the generator to power the surrounding area, valves two and four(the green ones) must be opened. Head back to the generator room and throw the Switch to start the machinery. Pop the pups and enter the building. All three buttons are now active. Take the Gate Key from the desk. Time for the traditional big backtrack.

Head back to the metal monkey swing, near where you left the small Boat. In that building, the one which you open with the Crowbar, is the gate mechanism. Use the Gate Key and press the button. Be ready for trouble when you prepare for departure.

Follow the waterway, making obvious stops to forage. At this landing, there's a small underwater alcove in front of the Boat and to the right. Inside is the Hut Key. If you take the Hut Key all the way back to the hut near the big ship, you'll find that a Save Crystal and some Flares are keeping company with a doggie. If you continue to follow the waterway through the gate, you eventually exit and climb to a cabin. Fight your way around the structure, toward the door, and the level ends.


To exit the seemingly dead-end hallway, run to the right through each successive gate. When you hear the double click, reverse direction to see an open passage. In the large central chamber, three different Ore Carts are poised for a run. Hit the lights in the control room and slay the subhuman. Even as they die, they spew poison.

Climb atop the control room and drop down to shimmy along its back ledge. At the ladder, lower Lara until she hangs by her hands, then pull her up so that her heels hang off the bottom of the ladder. Jump, spin, and grab. The small chamber behind the control room holds the level's first Secret stash. The first Ore Cart you should ride is the one on the middle tier. You'll want to lean and brake only slightly on the first run. Try to conserve some momentum as you head into the turn, as a jump is forthcoming.

Hit the track switch before the car comes to a stop and survey the scene. Duck below the drills and circle to the left out back after exploring the crack in the far left wall. A new manner of beast prowls this icy wilderness. Drop the mutant, then jump to the walkway below. Hang and drop to the lower ledge. Work the shimmies like switchbacks, moving all the way to one side before dropping down and reversing direction by grabbing a lower crack.

Pull up at the extreme lower left when you notice the ledge. Be on guard as you traverse the tunnel. In the wide-open area, gather the Crowbar from the metallic ledge. Near the sub-human ambush, you can spy a small crawl space high on the wall. From the rocks to the right of the opening, jump to the cliff and shimmy along the ledge. Throw the Switch inside.

To exit the area, you have to use the slopes, running and jumping up to a passage. Head up the hallway, ducking down below the obstacles. Dodge beneath the machines, and head up the slope. At the top of the run, a sub-human waits to breathe in your face. Get back on the Ore Cart and switch the cart away from the dead end as you head back to the terminal.

Back at the terminal, use the Crowbar to pry open the door, and claim the Lead Acid Battery. If you return to the area of the first Secret, you'll see that another door has opened in the small area. Now it's time for your second cart trip. Take the lowest track and follow it to the left. You'll need some serious speed to get across the chasm. Be easy on the brake.

Follow the hallway where the cart stops. You'll take a long route back to the ride. Rid the lower hallway of mutant beasts and continue in the corridor. Don't overlook the crawl space beneath the steamy walkway.

Crawl through the low area and drop into trouble. Dispose of the freak and check the outside area. Specifically, look in the bottom of the pool. You have to be quick to dive down and get the Winch Starter from the pool below the crane. The water is deadly cold. Time for another wild ride: the upper Ore Cart calls. Where the upper Ore Cart comes to a halt, a submersible pod is held by a crane. Insert the battery in the side of the machine and use the Winch Starter nearer the controls. The submersible pod submerges. In the lowered position, you can swim down and into the pod, hopefully without taking too much damage.

From the pod, you need to reach another safe zone before heading for the surface. The trip through the frigid water might have to be supplemented with Medi Packs. Swim down through the opening between the lights and hook to the right. Be prepared to have Lara's health adversely effected on the way up the tall tunnel, if not on the way down. Up top, chat with the flamethrower.

Drop down to the ledge below the bridge. Don't get caught staring into the chasm as freaks sneak up behind you. In the chasm, jump back and forth from ledge to ledge. The final jump to the corner of the chasm ledge nets you the level's final Secret. Backtrack to below the bridge, and then jump up and grab. When you enter the small structure, the level ends.

ANTARCTICA | Lost City of Tinnos

Welcome to the Lost City, found at last. Climb the ladder to the second story. Throw the Switch to open a double door directly below. In you go. In a nook off the short hallway, lay claim to the Uli Key. From the second floor, you can also jump to a central pillar. From there run, jump, and grab the ledge with the Save Crystal.

Use the Uli Key near the black grating in the courtyard and another section of the structure is accessible. Drop onto the ledge outside the Switch-and-door combo, and spy another Switch. Climb back up into the building from the Switch ledge, and cross the hallway to a sloped passage leading downward. Throw the Switch down the sloped passage and the array of five Switches is yours to address. Turn the first, second, and fifth Switches on, as shown. The Switches allow you to access an area near a monstrous busted bridge. Expect wasps of impressive girth as you collect the nearby Save Crystal.

Climb the ledges near the Save Crystal cave and jump to the top of the bridge across the chasm. Before you drop down, punish the wasps and share their Secret. High above the surface of the broken bridge, invisible platforms guide you toward the nest. From the closest unseen platform, you can run, jump, and grab to the opening of the nest. Don't fall in the hole. Backtrack across the invisible platforms and dropdown across the break in the bridge. Follow the tunnel to the right after grabbing the Small Medi Pack on the left. Defend yourself against the monsters as you enter their territory. Hop side to side to get in some licks before they close the distance.

Pass by the lovely swinging bowls of coals. If one touches you in the slightest, combustion occurs. In the next area, duck under the ledge to the left to draw the wasps down into range. Head in that direction.

Down the hallway, hit the Switch and battle the three big, magical monsters that appear in short order. At least there's room to move in the chamber. A Switch down a short hallway from the major monster battle room opens a crawl space in the outside area. Use the pillar near the gate and duck the traps en route to a large new area. In the large chamber, Lara must change the height of certain platforms by manipulating the many Switches.

Drop to the walkway and head to the left along the wall. The Switch to the right is a timed Switch leading to a Secret. You need to open the exit to the room before throwing it. One of the final keys to manipulating the Switches and ledges properly is to realize that you can monkey-swing along the underside of the walkway. When you succeed in opening the exit to the large chamber, it's time to test the Secret Switch. Save your game first. Throw the Switch and run back down the hallway. Off the walkway on the left is a ledge you can drop to. Hang and drop from there to the floor. Throw the Switch in the hallway and hustle through to the room with the pillar of light.

Hook to the right of the light and head up the stairs. Continue into the narrow hallway. Down the hallway, hang a left back through the bowls of coals. Cross the bridge and bail off the right side near the cliff face.

Don't stop to think, just rumble down the slopes and pillars to the bottom of the gorge. Up above the pillar of light room are the four tests of the elements that will net Lara four Oceanic Masks. Those masks work in the statues below to take Lara to the big boss.  In the Earth area, you encounter a thick mire. Head around to the right and keep plowing forward along that wall. Exit the quicksand to the right, past the rune on the wall. You have to hop some of these nearby low ledges so that you can get a Secret later on. The Oceanic Mask waits up the walkway and out of the muck. When you take the prize, the roof begins to fall, and the landscape becomes much less friendly.

Walk patiently out of the area. There are some risky jumps ahead, so you don't need to get whacked by boulders en route. The worst of the exit jumps is around a tight corner to a slanted ledge. Stick the landing.

If you threw the Switch in the Earth puzzle area, you can now climb atop a large block near the bowls of coals. Time your run carefully.  The Wind area is a merciless maze of strangely intersecting corridors. Head to the right at this juncture. Once more, head to the right and follow the long hallway. Jump back and forth from ledge to ledge to induce the spiked logs to roll down. At the top of the trap is another of   the Oceanic Masks.

The clock-like piece is the center of the underwater puzzle. Do you suppose there's going to be some marathon swims? The long swim sessions end in a shallow tunnel.

It's about time, by then. The fire puzzles are high on drama, but not too tough. You'll see a map to the area if you stand on the block near the entrance. Use the map to help you pick your way through the hot spots.

The dragon heads are puffing on invisible platforms. You need to move quickly across them to keep from getting singed. Hanging from the sides of the platforms is safe, though you need to be quick and have good timing to pull up and get to the next block. Jump off to the right to throw the Switch. When you place all four masks, you need only get the second Uli Key from the denizens of the pool room. The Uli Key sits on a ledge off the larger pool room. Use it on the lock in the hall near the pillar of light, and then Lara can jump down to the Meteorite Cavern.

ANTARCTICA - All Hallows

The tidy little trip to All Hallows is your reward for finding all of the Secrets in the game. If you notched them all, you can save your game when the Meteorite Cavern is behind you and load up All Hallows from there. Though there are several cool things to do, this is just for grins.

There are only two enemies at the very end, and Lara's cupboard is bare. Be sure not to lose any health at all before you crash through cathedral dome. Lara needs full health to survive the plunge.

Climb the metallic ledges. Make your way around the ledges toward the central construct. Run and jump up the slope to the ledge with some Flares.  Jump from the Flares to the central platform.

Monkey-swing about a meter and drop. Lara crashes through the cathedral ceiling. Lara   just barely survives the fall if she has full health. Luckily, there's a Large Medi Pack  on the landing.

Collect the Flares from the purplish platform and head around the room to the walkway above the bookshelf. Up above the bookcase is an alcove with a Switch. Throw it.  Use the small section to hang and drop down to floor level. Jump to the central structure. Run, jump, and grab, and then shimmy left.

Throw the Switch in the upper alcove and a dim hallway opens at ground level. Run across the collapsing flooring. Throw the Switch at the end of the hall. Monkey-swing above the spikes back to the main room. Jump from the ledge above the bookcases to the monkey swing. Head to the left.

Drop and grab from the end of the monkey swing, and pull up into the small area. Climb up past the rope slider. Collect the Vault Key. When Lara hits the lights, it's about time to let go. From the ledge where Lara lands, grab the nearby pillar and pull up into the small space.

Hang off the other side of the pillar, and a door opens. Lara will take a flaming monkey swing. Just be sure to drop off into the saving pool of water. Time your swim past the piston. Push the button. On the upper ledge to the right as you face the button is a Small Medi Pack.

Up above the ladder, roll and grab the ledge to defeat the trapdoor. Jump forward over the gap. The trapdoor that opened is very near where you exit to the outside area. Open the vault and shoot through the two gratings nearby. Drop into the water hole in the vault. Surface to find a guard and his dog: the level's only two kills. When you explore the area, the level ends.

ANTARCTICA - Meteorite Cavern

The big boss is one mean, king freak. The area you have to fight in isn't very hospitable either. If you're lucky, the boss will only try and shove you to an inglorious demise. If the boss gets off one shot, Lara is toast. Sprint the straightaways and slow through the turns. You should be able to keep your distance.

Unless the pit is in between Lara and the boss, Sprinting through the tuns is risky, as the slopes of the outer edge are an invitation to disaster. If the boss has you in his sights, you might as well unload some ammo: maybe you can stun him before he takes the shot. Closing the gap is not advised.  Ideally, you want to fire the first salvo of your attack as the boss passes in front of an alcove where you have yet to claim the artifact.

When the boss crumples momentarily, it's time to grab an artifact. Hustle to the closest alcove, as long as there's still an artifact there and you're not actually going toward the boss. You've only got a few seconds to sprint into the alcove, snatch up the prize, and get back to a position across the hole from the boss. Even if the boss sits stunned, you have to make sure that he's across the pit and in a direct line.

If he comes to and has a clear line of fire, he can strike anywhere. The boss almost always circles from Lara's right to her left, so you'll want to break to the right when coming back from an alcove. Keep stunning and running until you collect all four of the artifacts. When the last of the four relics is in Lara's possession, the meteor sinks from the ceiling to the central pool. The boss is now vulnerable. Bring that bad boy down.

Climb the ladder to the very top. Continue past the face into the highest corner, than back down one notch.

Backflip to the hand of one of the huge statues. Jump from there to the central ledge. Follow the tunnel off to the left. You emerge high above the cavern. Monkey-swing to a central large ledge.  From the ledge, jump to the central rocky platform. Climb up the rocks. Slide down the slope and turn to the right.  Dispose of any lingering rabble. Push the button on the wall. Go through the open gate. The helicopter swoops in low. Go through the gate toward the helicopter for the finishing cut scene.