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The chatbox needs a little program to be installed on your computer the first time you connect to it. Just wait a few second for the chat to be loaded and then click on YES when your browser asks for authorization.

If the Chatbox Moderators are marked as [away] when you visit, you can leave your query along with your e-mail address and we will get back to you.

This chatbox is hosted on the following websites:

Driber's Homepage by Driber_IF

Tomb Raider Custom Levels by Colin Grigson

Tomb Raider Tool Box by Rob Brown

Tomb Raider Level Heaven by Neil Smith

Virtual-X-Treme by Tim

Tomb Raider Connection by Kiopo

Tomb Raider Level Editor Stuff by Colin Hill

Tomb Raider Warehouse by Elpasodude

Lara's Mansion by Henk Eland

Mike´s Virtual Home by Michael Prager

Tomb Raider Level Editor Fans by MagPlus

Tomb Raider Heaven by pcgamequeen

Emma's TRLE site by Emma P

Editor 23 by Lara S

Lara's Wardrobe by Tommy Tomb Raider

Lara Croft Online by TOM@LCO

Lara's Sanctuary by Mel

JabberJaws Secret Hideout by JabberJaws

Tomb Raiding by DKSM

Tomb Raider Clothes by Moose562