Program Description Size
Lockdown 2000 Protect your computer against those damn hackers 2,16 MB
GetRight Resume your downloads after disconnection 1,90 MB
ICQ 99b Best instant messenger program ever! world widely used 4,96 MB
mIRC 5.91 Most popular chat program! 1,08 MB
Utalk 2 Voice add-on for ICQ, let's you really talk to your friends at ICQ 546 KB
Bullet Proof FTP The best FTP program: Resume; auto-reconnect; other pro options 492 KB
Kazaa 1.31 Peer to peer download program for audio, video, images and others 1,74 MB
Java Virtual Machine Small compact installer for Java in Internet Explorer 4,9 MB


Program Description Size
DateModified A batch tool to change the Date Modified value on files by extracting the date from the filename 6 KB
CloneCD Shareware program to make copies of a cd-rom 1,25 MB
PicaView Image view integration for the right-click menu 942 KB
ACDC Fastest picture viewer & browser 1,78 MB
Winamp The best program to play your MP3s and other audiofiles 1,77 MB
DivX Decoder A plugin for Windows Media Player to play DivX movies 569 KB
TweakUI Control panel that let's you tweak many windows settings (W98) 86 KB
AX Icons Extract icons, make new icons or even icon libraries 164 KB
IE Skinner Skin your Internet Explorer browser to the appearance you like 147 KB
Where Is It? The best program out there to archive your CD's 2,15 MB