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Name: holly
I am from: Australia, born in Holland
Sent: September 27th 2012

excellent site, enjoyed my browse around, nice tutorials, loved the piccies. Lara Is The Best!

Name: Don Emery
I am from: Salt Lake City Ut . USA
Sent: August 13th 2012

This is some great work , I , hope to do some of this when I move back to Washington State I hope soon .

Name: anonymous
Sent: March 3rd 2011

Worst site Ive ever seen. No work involved to make it better and his ability to do a job is pathetic. I first noticed his inability to make an attempt to correct problems on the forums and found out within a short period that his website was no different. Its really just an extension of his ass.

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holly says:
you, sir, mr anonymous, are a jerk
Posted on : 2012-09-27 19:31:01

Don Emery says:
At least he is trying , it is better than some I have seen .
Posted on : 2012-08-13 07:44:11

Name: Dean
I am from: New Zealand
Sent: February 22nd 2010

Hey Driber, great website you have got here! The design reminds me of an age of the internet that I miss considerably, similar to a site that I used to run some time ago.

Name: jack lalanne juicer
I am from: Canada
Sent: September 6th 2009

Hi, I have been hear before many years ago, cant believe, I found it again, love the southpark stuff! Jack Lalanne Juicer

Name: Alan
I am from: Indiana, USA
Sent: 07.23 - 11/5 2008

Cool art work!

Name: Emma
Sent: 01.11 - 21/2 2008

"Name: Emma Sent: 11.44 pm - 11/8 2001 I think that this website is better than Handcuffs and whipped cream!" Oh my god, has it really been nearly 7 years?

Name: Walt
I am from: Vermont
Sent: 12.01 - 19/12 2005

I'm a 61 year old raider that still enjoys a good level. Thanks for your contributions.

Name: jack
I am from: fl
Sent: 13.22 - 20/5 2007

update the website! I love it here!

Name: Daniel
I am from: Spokane Valley
Sent: 02.48 - 19/1 2005

Wonderful, well thought out. By the way great TR custom levls.

Name: Daniel Sherwood
Sent: 02.04 - 15/12 2004

Its a nice site, a very nice site.

Name: J&S Project
I am from: Naples
Sent: 09.48 - 16/11 2004

Hi friend, your site is very very good!!
Please listen new release:
Best regards from Italy.

Name: DOS
I am from: C:\>root directory_
Sent: 08.09 - 10/11 2004

Very good graphics and well made - great layout, maybe you could help me with mine ;)
Keep it up!

Name: marie
I am from: which one...?
Sent: 19.55 - 2/10 2004

Ummm.........I like it.....I love it!....I just wanted to pop in and...tell you I love you :) (am I posting messages too often in here...?)

Name: jim
I am from: silicon valley
Sent: 04.19 - 19/4 2004

simply a fantastic website, absolutely stunning.

Name: DJ a-LiX
Sent: 19.45 - 18/4 2004

Cool Site. . . visit my site it's also about final fantasy. . .

I am from: Los Angeles
Sent: 22.11 - 16/4 2004

I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Name: Marietje ( yes, posting again :D )
Sent: 14.18 - 23/3 2004

My thoughts about Driber´s Homepage...hmmm...I mish you, Sweety :( But when I visit your website, it makes me feel much better - as if you were here with me :) Bye for now, take care XXX

Name: John (Moose562)
I am from: London, England
Sent: 00.54 - 28/2 2004

Hey Driber! Just popped back to your site! How are things getting on? Keep your site going! I was just looking through all my old stuff and spotted your site was still up! So many have gone haven't they! Where have they all gone? lol, anyway, "hi!" ;)

Keep it cool! ;)

Name: Nikki
I am from: CA
Sent: 20.34 - 5/2 2004

Awesome site! I will tell all of my friends :).

Name: Mike Johnson
I am from: NY
Sent: 03.09 - 19/1 2004

Keep up the great work guys, good site.

Name: John
I am from: ca
Sent: 22.53 - 18/1 2004

You have a nice site!

Name: Toby Lester
I am from: Peterborough
Sent: 13.32 - 30/12 2003

It Looks really cool now. could have more stuff in it though

Name: Jenny Johnson
I am from: MA
Sent: 01.10 - 19/12 2003

Great site. Love the site, nice work. Check mine out!

Name: DJ UnderCover
I am from: Spring Hill, Florida
Sent: 19.45 - 28/9 2003

Man I love your sit it show much creativity, Anyways Check out my Page when you done with this one.
Rated #2 site out of all the DJ sites

Name: tomb_raider_sora89
Sent: 14.24 - 12/7 2003

Name: Liz
I am from: NY
Sent: 01.26 - 7/7 2003

This site is awesome, good job and great work! Check out mine too, but it's not as cool as yours:)

Name: Brit Walters
I am from: DE
Sent: 01.06 - 17/6 2003

Hi, this is Brit and I greet all internet citizens:)

Name: Denise Conner
I am from: FL
Sent: 07.07 - 2/6 2003

Your site is excellent. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guestbook.I will recommend and come back.I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site. - Denise

Name: alex88fly
I am from: FRANCE
Sent: 15.36 - 1/6 2003

Thanks for TR3GOLD textures...
I love TOMB RAIDER and your Mangas ;-)

Name: alex88fly
I am from: a town in France
Sent: 14.47 - 25/5 2003

Well I like your site and above all your Tomb Raider's pages. But there's a little problem in the textures to download. I can't download TR3GOLD textures and I need them :-(

Name: Felipe
I am from: Clearwater,FL
Sent: 18.33 - 15/3 2003

Wonderful webpage nice graphics, good content it's in my book mark for future visit's.

Name: Marietje
Homepage: http://www.ministerofhealthcare.come
I am from: Southpark
Sent: 15.18 - 2/3 2003

It is just wonderful ,Trib..... JUST wonderful,you should work it out more :D

With All My Love and Respect,

Name: Polar_Andromeda
Sent: 06.37 - 30/1 2003

Hey, dude, fantastic site! I especially love the artwork and computer graphix ;). The new full screen design is unique and well-thought out. Is it possible to get it to center itself for larger screen resolutions? It tiles itself, like when you put small wallpaper on a large desktop. But, either way, it's good, so don't worry too much!

Peace out. ;)

Name: Vince - (Lara's Butler)
I am from: Croftville
Sent: 21.22 - 21/1 2003

"Hi Ms Driber, I like your website, in fact it's nearly as good as mine [ho-ho], but more importantly, how does it feel to be the most beautiful moderator at the eidos forum?"

Name: Victorya Skalsky
Sent: 17.35 - 12/1 2003

Sou Brasileira, falo pouco o inglês mas adorei o site.Estou começando com o TRLE, tenho muitas dúvidas mas encontrei muito apoio aqui. Fiquei feliz. Obrigada, por este bom trabalho. Tenho o Manual Tutorial do TRLE totalmente traduzido para o Português, caso seja do interesse desse site... estará á disposição. Victorya.

Name: lara
Sent: 15.16 - 26/10 2002

im back!! haha......

3 thing i love...
-ur site.... xx lara

Name: lara
Sent: 17.28 - 25/10 2002

me again.... r u dutch??
if u r... ik ook! haha..

Name: lara
Sent: 17.26 - 25/10 2002

by the ur site!!!!

=xxxx= lara

Name: lara durst
Sent: 17.25 - 25/10 2002

i would like to know how to send my fanart to you??
i've got some great pic's and i want to share them wit the rest of the lara-lovers! plz email me!!

with love,
the young lara durst.....

ps: im only 15!!!

Name: marsoa
I am from: Prague,CZ
Sent: 22.06 - 7/9 2002

... :) ....

Name: croftmania
Sent: 12.44 - 3/9 2002

Very useful site,with excellent design

Name: willow
Sent: 10.08 - 27/8 2002

Very nice site Driber. Very easy to navigate, and I really enjoy all of your subtle touches.

Name: Jewell
Sent: 21.01 - 23/8 2002

I love your site D!

Name: juh neefjuh
I am from: den-haag somz problemen mee?
Sent: 21.15 - 6/8 2002

mijn homepage is" UNDER CONSTRUCTION"!!

Name: Sadie
I am from: Ohio
Sent: 03.23 - 3/8 2002

Nice webpage design. Very unique...really like it. You should get paid to make pages like this. Anyways, great site.

Name: GiaZ
I am from: Green Ridge, MO USA
Sent: 16.02 - 25/7 2002

Very kewl, Drib! nice work!

Name: Lord Croft
I am from: Razdelj
Sent: 09.44 - 11/7 2002

Real kewl design Drib *stop* Love the animations *stop* Can't stop playing with the mouse ballZ *end*

Name: CyCro
I am from: Varna
Sent: 20.41 - 25/6 2002

Drib, your Homepage is really amazing! :) I have no words! It's just......terrific! Never seen anything like this before!

Name: connie
Sent: 23.50 - 21/6 2002

Like playing your level, Ancient Legends. But do you suggest we have a savegame from both parts or just the last one?

Name: pc
Sent: 03.52 - 25/5 2002

I'm stuck in your Ancient level 2. 4th room. I've tried jumps from all the pillars I can reach and can't seem to figure out the proper sequence to make it to the last pillar with the door. I've read your walkthrough, but my minds a blank. Can you please give me the answer...I'm dying to move on. Your levels are very cool. Keep 'em coming ! Thanks for your help.

Name: DJ Tech
Sent: 04.52 - 6/5 2002

Wow. Drib, you worked hard on this page and IT SHOWS! Keep it up!

Name: blackcatsuit
I am from: ny
Sent: 00.52 - 20/4 2002

your site is so cool!

Name: Sandra Valle
I am from: edgewood; iL. 62426
Sent: 01.00 - 17/4 2002

I think your homepage is great! I like it alot! I'm a big fan of lara croft, I have the games & 3 posters & the music & I saw the movie! I'm hoping to come back! thanks,sandi...big lara fan!

Name: Wendi
Sent: 00.39 - 7/4 2002

Just a beginner a LE and really appreciate this site.

Name: Creamy
I am from: vancouver
Sent: 20.37 - 30/3 2002

A wonderful site, your hard efforts really show. in other terms....I like :)

Name: TTR
Sent: 13.28 - 22/3 2002

Really like the new look! and glad to see the balls are back, and not blue any more! hehe

Name: Demon
I am from: ?
Sent: 03.27 - 21/3 2002

This site is the best of the best of the best. And praise is hard to get with Demon. Good Work

Name: Jabber_Jaws_63
I am from: Milton Keynes
Sent: 20.47 - 19/3 2002

Hey m8, you have 1 cool site but why not check out mine!!!!!!!

Name: John Lincoln
I am from: Lincoln
Sent: 16.08 - 17/3 2002

Wow! wot a great site!! it realy orignal, i havent seen anything like it before! u can tell that driber has spent alot of time on this site as i c'ant fault it, it has loads of features and downloads and it is definately a site which i will consider as one of my favourites. well done! ps: i love those gold balls!! :D

Name: Beachy
I am from: A little village in No. California , US
Sent: 10.53 - 25/2 2002

Drib, it is quite obvious that worked your patooty off to make this place. I've been all over in here . It looks fantastic! hell of a job you should be proud! {{{{{HUGG}}}} *ponder* :o)

Name: nanakki
I am from: hobart, tasmania
Sent: 08.24 - 19/2 2002

what a totally cool page! i soent ages browsing the animae section *wishes she could draw like that*. superb :)

Name: Matt
I am from: exeter (uk)
Sent: 13.28 - 5/2 2002

beautiful site!


Name: pimple
Sent: 01.05 - 22/1 2002

This website is INCREDIBLE! I've never seen one quite like this. I came here to check out your Tomb Raider levels. I can't wait to try it out.

Name: Skibsy
I am from: London,England
Sent: 15.39 - 5/1 2002

Driber, all your hard work on the site has really paid's awesome!...I can't fault it one bit....keep up the good work and good luck with everything:)

Name: Raider
Sent: 22.37 - 4/1 2002

very kool, u have definetly put your time into this, thanx for the effort!!!

Name: Paul
I am from: Round Rock, Texas
Sent: 05.27 - 3/1 2002

You've put together a great site here, but you already know that. I just started learning about the level editor and will book mark your site for future reference. That's for making it so interesting for a novice like me. The only problem I have is that my ambitions are greater than my ability. That's frustrating!

Name: Kyosuke-sama ^__^
I am from: Tokyo... i think
Sent: 15.38 - 17/12 2001

Hewwwwwwowww Hewowww!!! n_n

Heeej!!! hou is joe? ij koet!! ij tienk joor sijt velly koet velly nijs~!! vellly koet chop!! ij prout of joe! ij not no wat toe rijd eniemoor! sow bij bij!
doe joor best! on joor sijt! doegieeees!! n_n/~

Name: Tr_Nut
I am from: Milwaukee Wi, USA
Sent: 22.02 - 16/12 2001

This is the most awsomest site around!!!

Name: jana_croft
I am from: Sofia
Sent: 17.50 - 16/12 2001

wow! hey Driber u r funny as heck!!!Bwahahahah! i love it here! its really funny!!:D
and u r a funny mod too.....;)
keep doin the good work..:D

Name: Gerty
I am from: Amsterdam
Sent: 14.14 - 13/12 2001

One can see that you did a lot of work, it looks GREAT. Now after all that hard work, take some time off and how about building a new level? LOL

Name: Aggie
Sent: 02.11 - 11/12 2001

Hey it looks great!! This is really something different. The only complaint that I have is that I can't read all of the text. It is cut of on the right side. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. (It wouldn't be the first time!!) Good Job!!

Name: Laura Severi (Egg)
I am from: Darling--ton
Sent: 19.13 - 10/12 2001


I LOVE the new look! The flash, graphics and full screen mode looks really professional and funky; impressive. :) I can't complement you enough! lol! It's the best site I've ever seen! Have you considered going in for some sort of web site award or something?


Name: Esther
Sent: 17.59 - 10/12 2001

Hee Lo! Het is al errug mooi geworden, alleen heb ik een klacht: Als je nou geen muis hebt met scroll-wieltje, hoe ga je dan naar links, rechts, enz??? We kunnen de helft niet lezen!
Maar voor de rest geen klachten, haha. See you!

Name: KrisGR
I am from: Athens
Sent: 10.58 - 10/12 2001

Driber i love the new look.It's great designing.Keep going.

Name: DJ Tech
Sent: 00.24 - 10/12 2001


Name: Debstar mega break Vogel
Sent: 23.56 - 9/12 2001

Yoh Bro! kikkuh, cool gaaf hoor je nieuwe site! maaruh............ is het menu knopje wel helemaal oke?? het menu verschijnt achter het voorste venster waardoor je dus niet het keuze menu kan zien....... nog ff verder knutselen misschien?
Voor de rest mag ik best wel trots zijn op zo'n broertje als jij! groetzels Big sistah

Name: Roman (aka Xcom)
I am from: Disneyland
Sent: 22.28 - 8/12 2001

Superb site, Driber. Sorry, fogot to sign it during my first visit :) Btw, swinging Lara is funny, LOL!

Name: Katie
I am from: USA
Sent: 01.52 - 6/12 2001

Cool Site, Keep Up The Great Work!!!

Name: Jeffrey van Oort
I am from: Tilburg
Sent: 22.13 - 5/12 2001

It's Great, Keep up the good work, And Will ya please Download the delerium soundtracks.
(Mr sam's mix and Leigh Nash (Fallin' in love.)
Innocente ok.

Ps. funny lara swinging around there.

Name: Tim aka X-TremeError
I am from: Mestreech!!! (Maastricht - Holland)
Sent: 21.54 - 5/12 2001

Damn, this new design rulez big time, dude!!
Keep up the good work and cya on the chatbox!

Name: Driber_IF (webmaster)
I am from: Den Haag, The Netherlands
Sent: 21.41 - 5/12 2001

BIG UPDATE: today my fifth design has been launched
Driber's Homepage - G5 - is now done after months of hard work :)

Name: Dj
Sent: 02.27 - 1/12 2001

Goodsite drib keep up the good work :)

Name: DarkStar
Sent: 8.56 pm - 27/10 2001

Very cool site !! I found some very useful information about level editing and the objects database is just great. The site layout is very nice as well. I will definitely return ... :-)

Name: Flo
I am from: Hong Kong
Sent: 6.17 am - 22/10 2001

Hi Driber,
I like the color and design of your web. WELL DONE!! I've download your created levels. Thank you.

Name: KrisGR
I am from: Athens-Greece
Sent: 3.44 pm - 14/10 2001

Great site.The textures are asume.I was trying to get some textures from the previous tombs games but the links were messed up.If you had some water textures together that would be perfect.A little suggestion,maybe you could add some blue to your site or another colour,violet.or something.Thanks.:)

Name: Lara Live
I am from: Athens-Greece
Sent: 8.10 pm - 11/10 2001

I have seen a lot of Tomb Raider sites but never seen this one before. It's really cool. Very good work! :)

Name: Crazie J
I am from: er....
Sent: 6.42 pm - 11/10 2001

Great site! Finally a site fill with cool stuff AND easy to navigate!!

Name: Reg Redfern
I am from: Gateshead UK
Sent: 8.47 pm - 28/9 2001

"Gear Fab" er Cool and hip and all that stuff, (well I am ancient) Well worth a book mark.

Name: Daniel(trdan69)
I am from: San Diego CA
Sent: 9.49 pm - 25/9 2001

I thought this is a great site and driber u did a great job on it (great trle section too)

Name: luke hernans (SLAYER)
I am from: Den Haag gekkenwerkstad
Sent: 7.00 pm - 23/9 2001

hoi allle gekken op dit net.
koppie koffie?
ja of nee
zeg dan wat
(slayer thinks his chatting)
nou ja zeg

Name: +nova+
Sent: 7.48 pm - 15/9 2001

well, what can I say I just love it! Specially the tr levels ^.^

Name: Red Arremer
I am from: norwich (england)
Sent: 6.14 am - 15/9 2001

Great site m8 your objects archive helped me out thxs,also about your four door trigger problem (pushing a block on all four pads,trigger the door as well) i was think you could probably make a + sign on the floor,push the blocks on those four corners then you can't push it in the middle,just an idea :)


Name: gc
I am from: eldorado,il. usa
Sent: 5.50 pm - 10/9 2001

Love the earth image wallpaper, but can't download it.
nice website!

Name: Rudolf
I am from: Internet
Sent: 9.49 pm - 6/9 2001

Very cool site.. Well, I signed your guestbook, now you sign mine, remember?

Name: Tim [X-TremeError]
I am from: Maasticht - Holland
Sent: 7.56 pm - 31/8 2001

Well, i forgot 2 tell that your levels are sooo cool.
Keep up the good work!

Name: LaraC1411
Sent: 10.55 pm - 29/8 2001

It's really nice!

Name: Daniel
I am from: sorry dont know
Sent: 8.29 am - 29/8 2001

i think its a cool web site and excavation is a good level i wish it was a little longer but very nice gonna download rameses in a min. remember me i talked to u about the hard level marine reasearch base. well bye and keep makin levels

Name: Tim [X-TremeError]
I am from: Maasticht - Holland
Sent: 11.09 pm - 28/8 2001

Well, i like your site, but i think you allready know that.
And I'm really looking forward 2 your new design! But i'm sure it will be very cool!

Name: Justin
I am from: Strabane-ireland
Sent: 8.16 pm - 20/8 2001

Loved the website! Found it a great source of information and help!
Keep up the good work!

Name: Katie
I am from: Chester
Sent: 1.41 pm - 20/8 2001

Lovely, lovely, lovely! :-)

Name: de jeanne
8.54 am - 20/8 2001

i am truuuly impressed.....thanx!!!!!!

Name: Laura
I am from: Darlington
Sent: 1.15 pm - 15/8 2001

Hi 'hon! Got me speechless again :)

Name: robbie bowman
I am from: Aylesbury
Sent: 10.09 pm - 12/8 2001

Good site. Better than my shitty thing anyway. (anything is) THANK GOD FOR TOMBRAIDER LEVEL EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Emma
Sent: 11.44 pm - 11/8 2001

I think that this website is better than Handcuffs and whipped cream!

Name: Ligia Gielamo Oliveira
I am from: Campinas-São Paulo- Brazil
Sent: 7.19 pm - 11/8 2001

Wow! fantastic! I loved this Homepage

Name: Elpasodude
I am from: *~*~MARS*~*~
Sent: 7.20 pm - 31/7 2001

Ya got sum great TRLE stuff here!

Name: Sashomaru-sama ^-^
I am from: The Hague ( tokio towa ^^ )
Sent: 6.43 pm - 20/7 2001

Oiy~ Rowin-sama~ =^^=

Ogenki ? watashi wa cho kakkoi~
I tink your site is good~ i not like yellow muchmore but i think i will like yellow.. I tink u must change ur site.. i bedoel i tink u must make tis fancy~ u now the english word "fancy" ^___^
fancy = good ( i tell u now )
no tank me! but i tink also your site vely much good tings it have!

Sayonara rowin sama ^o^/~~~~~

Name: Yuriko-chan
Sent: 9.37 pm - 19/7 2001

^o^/~ heyyyyyyyyyy ^_~ daijoubu desuka? ( u okay ne? )
Im slighlty borud dus daarom dacht ik effe wat te lullen op je guestbook la~
Nanananana~ wat doe je waar ben je? en err.. trouwens Ghost weally is cool ~ *^^* it helped me alot today i actually didnt know wot to do but i guess that partition stuff weally worked afterall~

Chanhai toje wor~ ^__^ ( thanks weally ! )
Arigatou gozaimasu~ n_n ( " " )

"sides Hey i recently decided to go and do som cosplayin at the next anime convention whcih is goin to be held in veldhoven =^^= i dunno what ill wear or play but ill prolly end up doin som jrock cosplay~ ^^
So Join me and we culd dress u Up as Rinoa~ or Squall or a mizture of both =P

PaiPaii~~ ^_~/~~~ ikumashuyou~ Oyasumi nasai~

Name: Saku-chan
I am from: Thehague
Sent: 9.29 pm - 19/7 2001

Ohayo~ ^^/~

erm.. great site an all~ however theres a slight problem wif yer trle chatbox i think` so hereby~ erm.. its busted =P or sumfin~

sayonara lowy-sama~

Name: Tom Blincoe
I am from: Kalamazoo, Mi. U.S.A.
Sent: 11.39 pm - 15/6 2001

Even though the welcome note say's I'm too old, and I don't earn enough, I really like the site, The 3D art is really cool. Nice job diversifying one site so nicely!

Name: Yasin
Sent: 8.51 pm - 12/6 2001

een goeie site.....kort en krachtig lol d=(^_^)=b

Name: Torry
I am from: Melbourne, Down Under
Sent: 1.04 pm - 11/6 2001
Where are the Nude Cracks???

Name: Brad Casali
I am from: Sandusky, Ohio
Sent: 8.30 pm - 7/6 2001
Great page Driber! u have some really good ideas. thanks for letting me link to u, and send an email whenever you like.

Brad (Brad21)

Name: Von Croy
I am from: London
Sent: 1.22 pm - 6/6 2001

Bye VonCroy
*this topic was made by Von Croy Industries (C)*

Name: Alex Tripscha
I am from: Karlsruhe, Ger
Sent: 6.54 pm - 4/6 2001
Hi Driber!

Your homepage is great! I sure haven't seen many homepages with a quality that good! You sure must have worked your ass off to achieve such quality.
c ya round and keep up the good work!

Name: Donna Saenz
I am from: George West Texas(the bloodz town)
Sent: 4.08 pm - 30/5 2001
hey, your homepage lookin good,keep up da good work!well talk to yo l8erz,cause my homeboys are callin.
keep it up !!!!

Name: X-clusief981
I am from: The Hague
Sent: 10.50 pm - 27/5 2001
Ok Lowin looks kewl but my site looks better ;o)

Name: rowling_roxz
I am from: Bothell, WA
Sent: 7.45 pm - 27/5 2001
Its, pretty good! I met u on chat, and u told me 2 go here, so... here I am! I like your site!

Name: Jim Rasmussen
I am from: Eau CLaire, WI
Sent: 1.22 pm - 24/5 2001
I LIKE your pages and I have commented on your levels on an earlier visit. What I DON'T like is all those darn pop-up windows. This may keep me from surfing your site in more depth. Are they really neccessary?

Name: Laura Severi
I am from: Darlington
Sent: 10.14 am - 22/5 2001
Its great!! Very big!! I like the jokes on the front page as well!! he! he!

Name: Jim Rasmussen
I am from: Eau Claire, WI USA
Sent: 12.58 am - 21/5 2001
There are supposed to be walkthrus for the levels ? ! ? ! ?

Didn't find them

Name: Henk Eland
I am from: Oosterhout (
Sent: 9.02 pm - 7/5 2001
Great!!! Just Great!!
Mooi!!! zeer Mooi!!!
Beautiful graphics,textures,animations.
Zeer mooie grafische beelden, animaties, achtergronden.
The textbanner on top is very nice.
De lichtkrant ziet er goed uit.

Name: Leon G.
I am from: Germany
Sent: 7.02 pm - 7/5 2001
You have a very nice website. You've done an outstanding job. Keep up the goot work! :-)

Name: Gideon
I am from: its not AOL
Sent: 3.43 pm - 7/5 2001
Nice! Super! Like you graphics work, nice layout too. Wish I knew Flash like you did. :D

Name: VenoM666
I am from: Venice,TR2
Sent: 3.57 am - 4/5 2001
Great page that you gave those old textures of TR1.I'll be frequently visting your site to check for latest updates to your textures section!

Name: Rob (Ba$e) Brown
I am from: boston, mass usa.
Sent: 6.28 am - 3/5 2001
Simply outstanding my good sir. well I've just slapped up your banner on my links page and will probably use it my self quite often, ( so many fun things to do here ). I'm going to check out a number of your software downloads, they look very interesting. just one piece of constructive criticism pertaining to your description of the first available download. I think you've fallen victim to the common misconception of the word hacker. please check out this link, it changed my life.
once again great work, I'll be back _Rob_
Ps. I have a new guest book, but it's empty. please help thanx!

Name: Will Gell
Sent: 7.03 pm - 1/5 2001
Nice site Driber. Keep it coming.

Name: Djemby
I am from: kikkuh town
Sent: 8.16 pm - 23/4 2001
"MEGA BREAK"......that's me! tnx 4 the credits!

Name: ilker
Sent: 11.29 pm - 14/4 2001
Hey this site is very good ...

Name: Ms T
I am from: Earth
Sent: 11.16 pm - 3/4 2001
Way extraordinary!!! (second time through trying to sign your guestbook though)...,

Name: Ms T
I am from: Earth
Sent: 11.14 pm - 3/4 2001
Way WAY cool! And I've seen many!

Name: Mulder :)
I am from: Veenendaal
Sent: 10.15 pm - 31/3 2001
De flash is zeer strak, je hebt de tut. duidelijk beter gelezen dan ondergetekende. Keep it up.

Name: Jopie de lolbroek
I am from: Pornotown
Sent: 7.12 pm - 10/3 2001
Hey dipshit let me get these things straight understand? First ur page is ok. and its making progress anyway as i can see but if u are smart enough then u should design and arrange ur manga section better. coz it sucks dude it really sucks i can't even download a picture. And i can't even view a picture.. :P btw.. why the fuck do u have Thumbnails if i can't even view them!?! AND PLZ PUT SOME PICTURE OF MISTER GACKT if u know him? understand? Coz i loveeee him soooo much hahahahahaha. he's sexy he's handsome he's horny heeeeeeeeeeee is Gackt.

afz Jopie de lolbroek

Name: Animation
I am from: The Internet ;)
Sent: 7.07 - 15/2 2001
Just wanted to say Hi! I really liked your page and I was wondering if you would need any cliparts or animations for it. Check my page at: for tons of em... =)

Name: Maggie
Sent: 10.22 - 22/1 2001
hej! ziet er goed uit joh! ennuh ben vooral jaloers op die muistrailor :))

Name: [MSE]Unreal
Sent: 9.49 - 22/1 2001
Hi Driber

its a very funny site with many good pictures and downloads. And its a good Web-Design!!!!!!!!!!!

Cya Unreal

I am from: Caruthersville, MO USA
Sent: 2:28 am - 28/11 2000
Hey Lowin!!!! Your best icq bud, here!!! Just thought I'd pop in and see the changes you've made.....very nice!!! I'm very jealous and you need to come over and help me with my page!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!

Name: Theodros
I am from: The Hague
Sent: 1:55 pm - 17/10 2000
Heei erg cool!!
Keep up the good job!!
Name: Meg
I am from: Covington, Va, USA
Sent: 4:55 pm - 1/10 2000
I think it's pretty cool...
Name: Eric
I am from: Kapelle op den Bos, Belgium
Sent: 7:31 pm - 25/9 2000
Great, just need to find a way to alter a message in your guestbook once it is sent

Name: Vincent Westerveld
I am from: You know where
Sent: 7:28 pm - 25/9 2000
Ik heb even de tijd genomen om je home page vanuit bij mij thuis te bekijken en ik vind het er erg proffesioneel uitzien.
Ik vind het alleen storend dat er bolletjes of diskettes enz. achter mijn muis aanzitten (zou het nou nog een kat zijn...)
Je kan dit beter verwijderen.

Name: Joe
Sent: 8:51 pm - 18/9 2000
Very good Homepage`
Name: Sharmin
Homepage: http://have a home, but no page!!
I am from: Caruthersville, Mo USA
Sent: 3:19 pm - 9/9 2000
well....i'm finally here and i'm signing in!!!!! i figured out how to get into the file...pretty smart, huh!!
it would be nice to talk to you...seeing as how your ALWAYS
not available!!
Name: Daisy
I am from: Taiwan ,Taipei
Sent: 2:53 pm - 27/8 2000
Hey Driber, this websit is great . I love it :)
Name: DblFun
I am from: The Hague
Sent: 11:48 pm - 24/8 2000
Cool site, very nice layout, talk to you on icq!
Name: kula
Sent: 12:30 pm - 24/8 2000
great man :-)

groetjes hé :-)
Name: petito
I am from: Belgium O-vl Aalst
Sent: 3:22 pm - 20/8 2000
he is sending it to me to dwnl a guestbook for my homepage
and it's a cool site dude
Name: Robin Mulder
Sent: 11:34 pm - 18/7 2000
hey Driber, wrede homepage en vooral die Brice art is kicke... Keep up the good work dude

Name: bert
I am from: hellevoetsluis
Sent: 6:51 pm - 9/7 2000
he driber,
het heeft even geduurd maar hier heb je mijn krabbel.
moet zeggen dat je site er vreselijk cool bij ligt.
normaal ben ik in een kwartier door een site heen, als ie goed is duurt het een uur, maar met die van jou ben ik zeker al een weekje zoet. dus jongen je staat nummer 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ga zo door
Name: killfly
Homepage: http://stiil working on it
I am from: haag den
Sent: 4:37 pm - 19/6 2000
prety cool site man accept the yello colours than but you said that you gonna do something about it next year or so. bat anyway keep doing it (you know what i mean) and you could use maybe also some more links.

Name: Livelf
Homepage: http://not yet kiddies
I am from: Moline, IL
Sent: 9:49 pm - 18/6 2000
I love the design! Lots of cool stuff, I can't believe that one person can be this busy and still have time to do other things! Kudos!!
Name: Agnes
I am from: Sundre
Sent: 6:18 am - 14/6 2000
Goed gedaan zeg!!! I'm totally impressed. Sorry I don't get to talk to you more, and yes English is easier..
Name: Wong Fei Hung
I am from: The Hague
Sent: 9:07 PM - 19/5 2000
Hey Driber,

great site,
Keep up the good work
Name: maggie
Sent: 8:29 PM - 19/5 2000
he dribbie
you're getting better and better!

Name: Florian
I am from: Boca Raton, Florida
Favourite page Music
Sent: 8:26 PM - 18/5 2000
Hey Driber,

Your new site kicks might ass!!! Great job! Southpark and the music are really tight. Keep up the good work...

Name: Harry Mulder
I am from: The Hague!!
Favourite page my page
Sent: 2:13 PM - 18/15 2000
Leuke site alleen wat traag met laden voor de rest leuk gedaan!
Name: Neon-Vomit
I am from: Bergen
Grade 8
Sent: 10:38 AM - 17/5 2000
Nice layout!
Its a pitty tough, that the server is down so much.
Like the music area.
Maybe you could put some more educational music stuff and/or reviews of party's/software etc on it.
Name: Freak
I am from: DH
Grade 8
Sent: 5:36 PM - 15/5 2000
deze site is beter dan de oude zeker de music downloads is cool :).....
Name: Rino
I am from: Den Haag
Sent: 3:28 PM - 14/5 2000
hoi hoi ziet er gaaf uit joh............

Name: EmMiERoSe
I am from: Pennsylvania
Sent: 9:36 PM - 11/5 2000
Cool site, i got a south park thingy and a few exe thingys that are cool.. keep up the good work, i plan to use a layout like this for my site.... talk to you soon EmMiERoSe
Name: Lene
I am from: Eidsvoll
Sent: 6:26 PM - 11/5 2000
Heisann hoppsan! Utrolig bra side, jo! Jeg synes at du har vært kjempeflink. All respekt og beundring fra min side. Tres, tres bien! Couldn't have done it better myself. Du måste ha brukt lång tid! Evighetar! Good luck with the translation, buddy! hehe The revenge is mine!!!!! ( evil laughter ). Take care! Og husk at bak skyene er himlen alltid blå. Stor klem
Name: Kimberly
I am from: Grand Rapids, MI
Sent: 12:51 PM - 11/5 2000
Hey Driber . . . I've only begun to explore your new homepage, but it is absolutely AMAZING! You are an AWESOME individual with excellent taste in music, tv shows (SP), and have an eye for how a web page should be designed. Thank you for all your help in finding those hard to get MP3's, and I can't wait to journey into the other realms of your page! Love, peace, and respect! . . . . . .Greeny :P
Name: Djemby
Sent: 10:13 AM - 11/5 2000
Yo! Helemaal te wouw en te woepie!!!!!!!
Gave shit man! Toch wel heel knap van jou, erg handy en leuke vormgeving (vooral die tribals!!!!hahahahaha)
Vooral zo doorgaan!!!!!!!!!
Name: brooks®
I am from: Moscow, Russia
Sent: 9:25 AM - 11/5 2000
Nice site!

Name: cg-slider
I am from: Digital World
Sent: 8:42 AM - 11/5 2000
nice site , two tumbs up , yellow and blue ,
see you at ICQ.

Name: Teigertjûh
I am from: Den Haag
Sent: 8:36 AM - 11/5 2000
Zooo hier is dan eindelijk mijn reactie op je homepage.. Het was ff wachten maar dan hebbie ook wat.. Ziet er kickuh uit.. Mazzel
Name: markD
I am from: Bath, UK
Sent: 7:54 PM - 10/5 2000
Pretty damn cool site matey! The jobs a good'un Driber. BUT..... can you do better???? Time will tell.
Name: Debsel
Sent: 7:45 AM - 8/5 2000
He, (B)Lowin, knutsel nah een beetje door man! Ben zo langzamerhand wel een beetje benieuwd naar die nieuwe shit!
Name: Xtreme Surge
Sent: 9:52 PM - 3/5 2000
Hey this is really cool site I like it I'll check it out more often.
Name: chris
Sent: 6:44 PM - 2/5 2000
This sites realy rocks!!! Realy great Soutpark items! I love it! Good job! People have a look at my page to Lot's of info about trance and trance vqfz for download! And tomorrow Trance Energy pictures of last partie (29 April)
Name: Green Eyed Girl
I am from: Grand Rapids, MI USA
Sent: 1:14 AM - 25/4 2000
Hello Driber! I just wanted to say it's been awesome getting to know you and I have a blast in your chat rooms! I love the homepage and can't wait to see more!!!
Love ya lots!!
Green Eyed Girl . . .
Name: ¿The ANON¥MIZER?
I am from: Luton - uk
Sent: 10:47 AM - 22/4 2000
Cool site, LOVE the Midi!
Can't wait to see the Voyage page!!!
for all you trekies out there join my ICQ ( Active List # 71015227 Name = Star Trek
Name: Lisa
I am from: Canada
Sent: 8:46 PM - 16/4 2000
Name: desiree
I am from: ons haagje
Sent: 10:06 AM - 12/4 2000
de linken op het intranet doen het nog niet wanneer is het nou klaar en dan kikkertje onderlinks blijft zo laag op de pagina verder ziet het er prima uit lowin, de complimenten groetjes desiree OLC
Name: Jean
I am from: hmmm?
Sent: 4:33 PM - 8/3 2000
He coole pagina man, very impressive..
en uh gefeliciteerd, en welkom in het rijk der afstervende jongeren.. ofzo..
Name: toms
Sent: 7:34 AM - 8/2 2000

Look great..

I want you visit my homepage..

You will get a lot of good picture from My homepage ..

Name: Maggie
I am from: Den Haag
Sent: 12:12 PM - 5/2 2000
He hoi,
ja eindelijk dan een berichtje in je guestbook, zoals ik had beloofd.
Leuke site!

Name: trix
I am from: Vienna
Sent: 1:53 PM - 24/1 2000
a really nice page! ;-)
Sent: 3:06 AM - 21/1 2000
Driber, me is Gif from MIAMI. spoke to you on GATECRASHER! yeah i like all your MAD Downloads.. keep it up buddy... i found it hard to read Guest book... the wallpaper is to bright!!!! sorry.
Name: KC
Homepage: http://------------------------------------------------------------
I am from: je weet wel
Sent: 7:47 PM - 18/1 2000
hey ik heb nog niet goed naar je site gekeken maar ik zal morgen hem beoordelen...wat ik nu gezien heb ziet er goed uit man !!!! :))
Name: afzal
I am from: denhaag
Sent: 2:20 PM - 18/1 2000
hey goeie mooie site man!!

I am from: The haque
Sent: 12:10 AM - 23/12 1999
The darkest website I ever saw. Ooeoe I'm in Space.
Sorry dat ik nu pas kijkt , ik wist het niet eens. maar ok het is best cool . Bekijk die van mij eens . Ik heb een meer fris en smooth website van gemaak . Best wel strak . Kijk maar eens..........................................
Name: The freak
I am from: DEN HAAG!!!!!!
Sent: 8:16 PM - 14/12 1999
best wel mooie site

Name: Legion
I am from: U.K
Sent: 3:15 AM - 27/11 1999
Very cool.... I like it... Lara Croft is my heroine...
Name: Slayer
I am from: Klaukkala, Finland
Sent: 1:52 PM - 20/11 1999
this site roXX!!!
Name: Djemby
I am from: Den Haag
Sent: 10:54 AM - 5/11 1999
Kikkuh shit!!!!! Ik moet toch maar eens een echte computer kopen!
Knutsel vooral zo door!!!!!!!!!!

Name: sparky
I am from: fredericton
Sent: 12:02 PM - 10/10 1999
very cool page
Name: molly
Sent: 8:32 PM - 5/10 1999
ik zou je nog een cijfer geven. je krijgt van mij een NEGEN
Name: Lene
I am from: Eidsvoll, Norway
Sent: 7:50 PM - 13/9 1999
Veldig bra side! Very good homepage! Du har gjort en flott jobb! You have done excellent work!
Name: molly
I am from: voorburg
Sent: 6:55 PM - 21/8 1999
leuke pagina
Name: Jennifer Isabella
I am from: Live in USA
Sent: 7:10 PM - 16/8 1999
Nice page!
Name: Marije
Sent: 10:09 PM - 14/8 1999
Het ziet er in ieder geval leuk uit, maar ik heb meer tijd nodig om dit eens te bekijken allemaal. Zal ik morgen eens doen.
Name: Yakumo
I am from: The Hague
Sent: 12:08 AM - 6/8 1999
Dit is Yakumo!!!!

Name: S.Schurk
I am from: Den Haag
Sent: 12:02 AM - 6/8 1999
Echt cool als die geluid weg is met geluid is ie stukken minder waard voor mij