Here are some things I made:

"Tripple M"
This is a little house record I made with
Music Maker 2000 back in 1999



"Dribers PC Wallpaper"
I was getting bored with the standard wallpapers I used for my desktop. So on one rainy sunday afternoon I decided to make a wallpaper with photoshop. I gathered some quality pics from Lara, Goku, Voyager and an object from a Bryce project called Colored Trefoil. I mixed them all up and a few hours and many filters later, this is what came out!


"Cartman 3D screensaver picture"
For the link to the Cartman 3D screensaver shown on the Southpark page I made a picture with a pasted image of Cartman from the screensaver, added some lens-flares with Photoshop-filters and the fading "Southpark" text on the background I made with a filter that I downloaded at Cybia C.R.D.F.. Last I made a text with an outer glow (textlayer effects) and flatted the image to create a jpeg. You can download the psd format of the image by clicking on the image on the right.


"Sunflare desktop wallpaper"
Here is how I made it: First I got a image of earth from the web ( and then I changed the canvas size to 1024x768, wich is my desktop resolution. Then I added a gradient on the image to make it look like the sun is coming from the NW side of the earth. With a program called Universe I generated a buncha stars and a lens-flare. Then I pasted all the layers into Photoshop 5 and saved the result as a jpeg. If you like to see more (and if u have Photoshop) you can download here the psd format of the image.


"Men in Black Desktop Theme"
This was one of my first desktop themes that I made. It has some sounds from the game and also a wallpaper. It's not high or true color, but that was a limitation of the game, wich runs in 255 colors. I also added my standard mouse-cursors, wich are in almost all my desktop themes. How to use this theme: just download the zip by clicking on the image on the right and read the readme.txt in the zipfile.
Note: for running the desktop themes you need the plus! themespack for windows (standard included in W98).


"Lara Croft Desktop Theme"
For this theme I combined some TR1 icons, TR2 sounds and TR3 wallpaper, so it's a mix of all three games.

That all I can say about this one.


"Final Fantasy 7 Desktop Theme"
This theme I downloaden from the web (don't remember where) and it SUCKT. The colors of the wallpaper were ugly (255), so replaced the wallpaper with the same image (cloud in front of Midgar) that was in 32 bits color. I replaced the wait cursor with a better animation, so I must say that it looks better now. If u want it, just click on the thumbnail on the right and read the readme.txt file in the zip-archive for more instuctions.


"Harrypad voh windoos (Dutch people only)"
Harrypad is een progje waarmee je normale Nederlandse zinnen om kan zetten naar Haags. Ik heb het progje zelf niet gemaakt (I wish!), maar ik heb een soort "setup" gemaakt dat het progje in de map program files\accessories zet en een snelkoppeling maakt in het windows startmenu, zodat het wat makkelijker te vinden is. De "setup" heb ik gemaakt met Winzip Self Extractor.


"Casema Connection Manager (Dutch people only)"
Dit progje heb ik origineel van een Inet-CD waar een connection manager op stond. Hij was bedoeld voor een ISP genaamd "WISH". Nou heb ik de bitmap veranderd door een zelf gemaakt Casema plaatje (wederom met Photoshop). De enigen die dit progje handig zullen vinden zijn mensen die in de buurt van Den Haag wonen en een Casema kabel/telefoon Inet hebben. Het vervangt de originele "externe toegang window" en zorgt ervoor dat hij je password onthoud en automatisch verbind wanneer je Exploror of Netscape of ICQ of iets dergelijks opstart.