Paste whole forum post or individual [IMG], [PIC] and [MPIC] tags here:

optional custom width: 50 100 200 500 720 800


With this forum thumbnailer tool, you can quickly convert [IMG] tags into the new [THUMB] tags
for when you want to post an image of the forum that is larger than 800 pixels wide.

With the [THUMB] tag you can post large sized images on the forum while displaying a small thumbnail in
order to prevent the forum layout from stretching out (especially on lower monitor resolutions).

You can submit a single [IMG] or a whole post. This tool leaves all text in your post intact and only converts the [IMG] tags.

This tool also converts all [PIC] tags (normal picture) and [MPIC] tags (medium picture) to [TPIC] tags (tiny picture).

For posts with multiple images, just paste the whole post in the textbox, click on Thumbnail 'em button and copy&paste the result into the forum.

For [IMG] tags, you can optionally enter a custom width. For example "150" (without the quotes) to create small thumbnails like this:

(click image to enlarge)