Firefighter don protective clothing to contain the chemical leak.

Firefighter don protective clothing. Photo: MFB Media

A box art leak of the upcoming Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix videogame has closed a busy shopping strip in the lead up to peak-hour in Melbourne's inner-north, causing traffic mayhem.

Paramedics were called to a shopping mall in Johnston Street, Collingwood just before 2pm where five people were affected with fangasm symptoms after having seen the leaked material.

Three people were taken to the Smith and Jones Clinic to undergo treatment for videogame addiction. Family member report their condition is stable, but still contain symptoms including irritated eyes, hyperactivity and extraordinary face muscle twitching when viewing or hearing the words "five" and "March".

Firefighters work to contain a leak at a demolition site in Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Firefighters wearing protective clothing to protect themselves from hysteric fans. Photo: MFB Media

MFB Commander John Cranston said a vehicle at the site, which has been taken into police custody, had parked in front of the Collingwood shopping mall, leaving its doors open.

When a local retailer noticed this, he notified the police. Unfortunately, the retailer was calling the authorities from inside his store - a videogame outlet - and shoppers overheard his conversation and decided to take a look at the vehicle.

Much to their surprise, they found that the vehicle was loaded with boxes containing prints of the box art of the upcoming game Tomb Raider.

News of this quickly found its way onto Facebook and Twitter and within 15 minutes, before the local authorities were able to arrive at the site, videogame fans of the franchise were all over the vehicle, trying to grab as many prints as they could to - as one of our eye witnesses claimed - sell over eBay.

Police have door-knocked local residents to warn them to close windows and doors until further notice.

Johnston Street is closed in both directions between Wellington Street and Smith Street and Wellington Street is closed between Johnston Street and Vere Street, causing major traffic disruptions in the area.

Traffic is being diverted and pedestrians are being stopped from walking in the area.

The area is not expected to be cleared for at least three hours.

Mr Cranston said the wind was helping to dissipate the fans but that residents should stay indoors and monitor the MFB's website's community warnings for updates throughout the afternoon and evening.


An anonymous tipster informed The Age that Crystal Dynamics' Community Manager has officially released the leaked material on the company's Tumblr account. Below is the art that has been responsible for these series of unfortunate events.