Object Code Bits (OCB) List

For more OCB codes check this thread.

128 to ammuntion makes it appear when it's gone in your inventory. that's the only one besides the ones in the manule that i can think of right now.

Type -53 into OCB when you wish to have 'flame emitter 1' blow out flames in the direction of the cone at a timed interval.

To use this, place the flame emitter in a 1 tiled adjacent room, with the emitter facing toward the door, and place a (toggle opacity) texture over the door. The flame will then come through the wall when triggered, at the fixed timed interval.

1. Typing -1 in the OCB of a FLAME_EMITTER makes it shoot out vertical puffs of flame.
2. Typing -1 into the HAMMER makes it work.
3. Depressing buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the OCB make an object be triggered from the beginning (without even placing a trigger). Then the triggers for that object become anti-triggers.

I tested some ocb's for the lightning conductor, element puzzle, and flame emmiter.
Well here they are:

Flame emmiter -59 & -57 are the same jets, but with 'long breaks'.
-43 was a smaller break.
-2 & -7 don't have breaks.

The lightning conductor, as I mentioned somewhere earlier in this forum is just a vertical 'electric' thingy familiar to what flame emmiter3 with 1,2,3 or 4 in ocb.

Element puzzle with 0 in ocb is a water puzzle, works perfectly with the small waterskin.
1 is for the fire puzzle, I know this could be originaly done with jerycan and torchlight, but I couldn't do this.
2 stands for the earth puzzle, which could be originally completed with the bag of sand, but I couldn't do this one too.
3 does absolutely nothing.

OCB settings for Waterfall.

If you need to antitrigger a waterfall for some reason, put 668 in the ocb. Then, after itīs triggered, the waterfall will be antitriggered with a simple antitrigger.
If you donīt put 668 in the ocb, the waterfall wonīt be antitriggered.

Iīve tested this with the waterfalls from Tomb of Seth and Karnak. Works ok.

1 entered in the OCB of the CHAIN object (the swinging blade from Inside Menkaure's Pyramid) enables it to hurt Lara; if not, it doesn't harm her. I belive it is like this, 'cause I've used the blade in my first level without OCB and it didn't hurt Lara. In my upcoming Rome Raider level, I put 1 into the CHAIN's OCB and it works.

I fooled around with the hammer and found these remarkable behaviors.
1 = normal hammer ( hammer smashes, chain lifted then smashes again, and so on... )

2 = Hammer smashes while lara stays on the trigger, when she steps of, the hammer will remain in his position, so if it was lifted up it will just stop and stay that way. makes explosive sound when smashes

3 = same as above but when lara gets of the trigger it first gets lifted to the ceiling and then it stops.

-1 -2 and -3 normal hammer behavior

Animating 3 from Library wad, the big cog wheel.

Put 1-2-3 or 4 doesnt matters to animate it when triggered. 1-2-3-4 have no special properies like faster spin or something.

Propably everyone knows this, but since it took me some time to discover it, and others might have familiar problems 1 added in the ocb of pulley enables it to really trigger something.

when you enter 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and bigger numbers in the Ocb of a baddy, the secound Baddy will come after you killed the first one, the third will come after killing the secound etc.

I did the same, but only since i wanted to find out how to animate the wheel, Cause i know it should animate with a ocb, i looked in the list and saw animating 3 but from the lake wad, but i still tryed it cause animating 3 is animating 3 And it worked

Hi! I read Driber's Thread for OCB settings and found that list of all the ocb's in TR4
so I tried the ones for the twoblock_platform. U nfortunatly none of them lower the block but different ocb numbers affect how high the platform raises.
0 no change
132 raises about 4 clicks higher than normal
167 raises about 8 clicks higher than normal
207 raises about 12 clicks higher than normal
259 raises about 16 clicks higher than normal

you may have to experiment 'cos I don't know the exact high change but I hope this helps

Place a FLAME_EMITTER down and in it's OCB type 888 then trigger it. it's just a normal ball of fire but when u die and go to the Main Menu there are no titles at the bottom, ( No NEW GAME, LOAD GAME, OPTIONS and EXIT ). They all have got deleted. If you delete the FLAME_EMITTER in the editor the titles come back

OCB's for the pulley again:
1 - makes it work at all, you have to pull it once to trigger something
2 - you have to pull the rope twice to trigger a thing
3 - you have to pull the rope 3 times to trigger a thing etc.