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Description: This tutorial will teach you how to use all of Metasequoia's funtions.

This tutorial was created by MountainDewNut.

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First off, let's start with the interface. The commands that I nomally use are all in the Command window on the left. There are four groups of commands:

Edit: Select, Rectangle, Rope; Move, Scale, Rotate, UV, Map.

Face: Primitive, Create, Delete, Invert, Extrude, Mat

L&V: Pull, Bevel, Magnet, Twist, Wire, Knife.

Misc: Blob, Paint, Blkmg, View

Basic Funtions:
For starters, select Primitive from the command window. Select the flat square from the panel of shapes taht appears (usually automatically selected by default). Now, select scale from the window. Once clicked, dragging one of the four squares allow you to scale the object. X) Red, Y) Green, Z) Blue, and All) Yellow. Select the yellow one and drag it down the the size of four squares in meta. Notice that the height isn't affected because our object is flat. Next, select the segment option. Click and drag left and rightfor X, Y, and Z to split the object into two faces. You can keep dragging to divide it more, but for now all that's needed is to split it by one X and one Z. The object should now look similar to this:
Click on the create button to create the object, otherwise you won't see it when you select another button besides Primitive. Select Extrude from the from the face division. Shift+click all four faces (or ctrl+a) and click and drag left and right to move it up or down. Another way to extrude a face is to select the face and press ctrl+E. The window that pops up will allow you to extrude the face to a set number that you choose. Use the latter way (for experience) and extrude the 4 faces that were selected earlier to 10 Y (make sure that the type is normal and not bevel). Now select the three top points down the X axis line (see pic below). Three ways of selecting them would be: rectangle, click and drag a box around the desired points/faces; rope, click and drag freehand around the desired points/faces; and manually, click+shift the desired points/faces.

After selecting them, click the Move button from the Edit division if you haven't alreay done so. Put 10 in the Y slot and click the add button to move it up. Now select only the middle point and raise it 10 more Y. Note that negetive numbers will make the object move down.

Your object should now look like the pic below.

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Primitive can easily creat basic objects
Extrude Faces is one of the most useful options in meta.