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this tutorial was submitted by El Diablo
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Setting up the textures

1. Using CroftsGate’s Texture Edit program, copy over the lava textures to your texture set.
2. In the editor, load your newly updated texture set into your level.
3. Make an animation range of the lava textures.
Now you can create lava.

Creating lava

1. Create a new room. Size doesn’t matter.
2. Set the ambience lighting to 0. Right-clicking on the black color in the palette helps.
3. Texture the floor with the lava textures. Remember to toggle on Double Sided (but not Transparent).
4. Place several light bulbs on the floor with the color R: 255 G: 128 B: 0.
5. Create a room with the size of the other room. Set the height to 2 clicks.
6. Set the ambience of the new room to R: 255 G: 128 B: 0.
7. Press W until the number is set to 1.
8. Select all squares and toggle Death on. They should be green in the 2D Window.
9. Lower the new room so the ceiling is at the same level as the floor of the other room.
10. Connect both rooms and Toggle Opacity 2 on the door in the first room.
11. To add effect, place several FLAME_EMITTER3s on the floor of the first room and trigger them.
Now you have created a nice lava room in your level.

Making magma

1. Instead of placing FLAME_EMITTER3s, press W in the lava room until the number is set to 4.
2. In the room above the lava room, place an EARTHQUAKE nullmesh somewhere.
3. Trigger the EARTHQUAKE at the entrance of the room.
4. Place another trigger for the EARTHQUAKE in the room before the lava room. Make it an antitrigger.
Now you can turn your level into an active volcano.