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this tutorial was submitted by Peter Campbell

Objects disappear when .......they are in view
objects can only be seen when the room they're placed in is in view .if Lara is not able to see the room , the objects are not generated even if they are partly outside the room . A way around this is to create a door into the room . to keep the room in laras field of site , she doesn't have to be able to see into the room or enter ( ie. use door opacity )
Textures - Part transparent / Part
say you are producing a window frame and you want the glass misty transparent ~ if you transp, the texture square , in game even the frame has semi-opacity .
create 2 textures , one with the parts that you want transparent - "pink" the rest , transparent/double side the texture to the door ,,,
then one with the parts you want solid - "pink" the rest , double side only the texture to the other side of the door ,,,
the bmps need to be exact overlays or gliching occurs , remember to mirror the texture on one side ( click+ctrl ) if the text.square is not symmetric .
TR WEST......doubling up textures.....enlarging was
I noted a couple of members debating the pros & cons of Wad merger ? TRwest and how the was, increases .. some times .
I use Stripix3 to edit object text's TRwest to upload to wads .If you have a "set" of objects using common text.infos . and you export only one of them ,,,edit it and place back in the wad --- it's textures will add to the wad in new slots thus creating replicants ...........if you want wad objects to share text's you need to import them into the wad together .
OBJECT LIMITS..............
objects upto 7 squares long -- no problem but over this and the collision field seems to revert to some set limit ..?   over 100 textures OK but Depending on how many texts the object uses from trial & error 3 texts.....100+ texturs on the object , 1 text.......approx 150  textures can be applied to the object but I think object o'all size must effect these limits as well.