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Tomb Raider Level Editor Audio FAQ

The page 65 in the manual shortly (very shortly) explains how you should do it, but some problems occur when you really try to make a new soundtrack for your levels. The only disadvantage of a new soundtrack is that the complete filesize will become easily 50+ MB as the format is MS-ADCPM 44KHz wav's.

I think the AUDIO is one of the smallest topics in the manual and Core made some strange things with the editor and the game that some people go almost crazy trying to make an own soundtrack. I think they should have mentioned it. Many people don't realize the problems as they just use the old TR music files.

I hope this helps all who try to create new music files for TR.

Q: Why does the music make just a noise and I can't hear anything?

A: Use another software. Goldwave is very bad here. Something goes wrong with the fileheader conversion. I had success with the Wave Studio which is delivered with the Creative Soundblaster Cards, but other programs should do very well too.

Q: Why can I hear with my new created soundtrack just a loud noise (only one and then nothing) in the Title Flyby?

A: Delete the pause after the song and it will repeat "smoothly". You can fade out the song, but you should not leave any pause after.

Q: Do I have to overwrite existing soundfiles or can I create others between the existing ones? (For example 001.WAV, 003.WAV, 004.WAV etc ... are not used)

A: You can use other, even yet unused slots for music, but the number can't exceed 111.

Q: Why do my songs (ingame) stop suddenly before they reach their ends?

A: It isn't related to the length of the song. I have songs of 2 minutes and more. Core's wav-player in the game is a very strange thing. They have around 2.5 seconds of silence after each song, and the wav-player ingame cuts this 2.5 to 3 seconds from the song after playing. So if your song ends exactly without a pausing then it ends abrupt as the player stops the song around 2 up to 3 seconds earlier. So put a silence in the end of your wav-files. I used around 3 seconds to be sure. Then everything works fine.