This tutorial will help you undestand more about Tomb Raider Level Editor's floor and ceiling funtions. You will learn how to turn overly streched textures into perfectly textured rooms. This tutorial will also teach you some advanced ticks when dealing with slopes and streched textures.

1) First off, let's start with a room that is 5x5 and 20 clicks high. Highlight the back wall, by clicking right on the mouse button and dragging it across the wall. Next, right-click the floor + button to get the wall to move up 4 clicks. Your room should look like this.

2) Now, click F5 with the wall still selected and right-click the floor button again. Your room should now look like this.

3) You can also do the same to the ceiling. First highlight the wall and bring it down 4 clicks. Hit F6 and bring it down another 4 clicks. You now know how to create rooms up to 20 clicks high, without streching a single texture.
Advanced floor and ceiling funtions >>>

Tutorial Created by, MountainDewNut

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