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this tutorial was submitted by MountainDewNut
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How to create a 'gem' like object in the LE without the outside backround.

First off start out with a cube room 4x4x4.
Copy the room and raise it 4 click and place it over the first room.
Create a verticle door between the two room.
Now go to the lower room and select two floor tiles and hit the 'floor' button (on the north side of the room).
On the left side of the ceiling press and hold the alt button to make a diagonal arrow appear.
Keep clicking to rotate the arrow (while holding alt) and make it face north-east. (the wall and the other ceiling)
Press the 'ceiling -' button 4 times (or right click once).
Do the same in the upper room except to the floor this time.
It should look like this.

Now to get rid of the extra triangle (in the first room), click 'no collision' and select the two ceiling triangles.
Do the same in the second room except this time do it to the floor triangles.
Texture the room according to what you desire (don't forget to make the 'gem' transparent)
Also texture the triangle tiles black (or gray), so that you wont see see them in game.

To get rid of the backround that appears in game, create two rooms, 4x1x4 (LxWxH) and stack them.
I will call these rooms upper and lower backroom. *note that the lighting of these rooms has effect to your 'gem' room.
Create a door between the two rooms. (doesn't matter if you do or not, i just find it easy access to the room)
Place them north of the 'gem'.
Create a horazontal door between the upper gem room and the upper backroom, ditto with the lower rooms.
With the two newly created doors 'toogle occupacity' them on both sides.
In the backrooms hit 'doubles sided' button and texture what you would want for the textures behinde the 'gem'.
Go into the first room created and texture the wall with the black (or gray) texture. Ditto on the second room.
It should look like this

To fix the backround problem when using (see-through texture) mokeybars,

start out with a room like this.

Now create a room (1 click high and the lenght of the monkeybars against the wall)
Place the backroom right next to the monkeybars (height included) and create a door between the two.
'Toggle occupacity' the door and double-side the texture in the backroom.
Texture the rest of your room to suit you.
It should look like this.