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this tutorial was submitted by Wee Bald Man

download the project here


This project file contains a room which demonstrates the orientation of spikes according to their OCB numbers.


1) Launch the Room Editor.

2) Go to: Texture / Load TGA and open "TestRoom" TGA file.

3) Go to: Objects / Load Objects and open "Tut1" WAD (original tutorial WAD supplied by Core).

4) Go to: Project / Load Project and open "SpikeOCB.PRJ" file.

5) Ignore the error messages - they will go away once you save the project file on your hard drive.

6) Output the WAD: Project / Output WAD and save as "Tut1.TOM".

7) Save the project under a new name on your hard drive and Quit.

8) Open Level Converter and below Edit Script click Add and select the "Tut1.TOM" you output before.

9) Click Build All.

10) Launch Tomb Raider engine ("tomb4.exe") and select Tutorial level.



1) Run across any number in the room and it will trigger the corresponding spike to activate.

2) For your convenience, the North Wall is coloured with two red squares.

3) The first row of spikes (00-15) contains the 'animated out / in' spikes.

4) The second row (16-31) contains the 'constant out' spikes (they stay out once activated).

5) The third row (32-47) contains the 'once out and in' spikes.

6) If you activate all the spikes, stand at the third row, and face North, you will notice a pattern to the spikes which is helpful in visualising how the OCBs relate to the spike actions.