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this tutorial was submitted by Driber

download the project here


These project files contain a room which demonstrates the orientation and
behaviour of the FLAME_EMITTER nullmesh object according to its OCB value.



1) Load one of the two projects in winroomedit.

2) Click away the 2 error messages about the missing TGA texture file.

3) If the editor prompts with the Load Object Wad window, open the tut1 wad.

4) Click on Load TGA and open "FlameOCB.TGA" that came in the zipfile.

5) Save the project under the same filename.

6) Output the wad to "tut1.TOM".

7) Convert the level and select the Playable Tuturial Level in-game.



Run across any number in the room and it will trigger the corresponding flame to activate.
The flames have a negative OCB code of their corresponding numbers on the floor. So for
instance, the flame at number 34 in project "FlameOCB 0 ~ -47.PRJ" has an OCB setting of -34.


These projects are modifications of the Spike OCB Orientations tutorial, originally
created by Wee Bald Man. Many thanks to him for all his hard work :)