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Level 1: Excavation Site
Level 2: Underground Tomb Of Ramses
Level 3: Lost Chambers
(download MAC version)

The story so far



- level 1
- level 2
- level 3

New Custom Designed Logos

Update 24-08-2007: I have just released my third level in the series: Lost Chambers. It only took 6 years LOL but eventually I got there. During the past few years I have been working on it sporadically, sometimes not touching it for many months. I managed to add a little Title screen, a short cutscene and ending credits, so it turned into a little mini-game on it's own. This new level actually contains 3 parts where Lara level-jumps back and forth. Because this third level took such a long time to make, I don't know if there ever will be a next one. I promised myself to stop after this one, but I guess you never know if that "itch" can return. To be continued....?

Here is a video preview by Piper of Lost Chambers:

A while ago I bought Tomb Raider Chronicles with the Level Editor and I've been creating levels whenever I had the time. I've made a little maze for trying out how the Editor really works. It's only a small level and the textures are way off, but it turned out to be a funny level. Currently I'm working on my third level, which will be in a series of many levels that will ultimately be a full game with a story line and smooth level switching. I will also try to include soundFX and ambiance music from previous Tomb Raider games and maybe even other games. I'm also thinking of making a whole new title screen flyby to make it a real standalone game. With every level I publish here, notes on how to install the level will be included and a walkthrough will also be released.

Level 1+2 zipfiles contain a self extracting executable which makes the installation of my levels very easy. Further instructions on how to install is described in the README.TXT in each zipfile. Level 3 zipfile is comepletely stand-alone and does not require the LE to be installed.

The level 1 zipfile contains 2 extra files: logo's for the title screen. There's also a separate zipfile for these new custom designed logo's for people who have the old version of level 1.
Level 2 has a couple of small "bugs." The "sign-sequence-puzzle" in the Puzzle Room can make the doors go open prematurely and if you fall off the bridge or fall off the rope in the Firechase Room, you won't be able to do the Firechase again. Just save before doing the Firechase and if you do fall, just reload the game and try again :)
These "bugs" aren't lack of devotion, but due to limitations of the level editor, which were discovered after building the level. If anyone know a way to solve these "bugs", please let me know!

As I get more experienced and completed the tutorial, I will be able to create more bigger and complex levels. I will also try to not make levels push the limit of the size, but rather make more levels, giving you a more spread-out of new levels as Core is planning on the next generation Tomb Raider for the Playstation 2.

Enjoy the levels and if you have any further question or remarks about my levels, you can drop me a line or write it in my guestbook.

* * * The story so far
* * *

In the first level, Excavation Site, Lara is just at the outskirts of Cairo and begins to explore the desert in search for an excavation site where locals stumbled on a secret entrance to the tomb of Ramses. The first level might seem short, but Lara will return here later in the game, which is planned in level 4 or 5. After fighting off a few baddies who are patrolling the site and try hard to keep strangers away, Lara finds a dark hole in the ground and decides to check it out, unaware of the dangerous situations that lie ahead.
After sliding down the long slope at the beginning of Underground Tomb Of Ramses, Lara stumbles upon an ancient mind boggling puzzle. With her witty mind and agility she tries to work her way through the underground tomb to find out the truth about an ancient legend.
In the end of level 2 Lara falls into a deep hole and ends up in a mysterious place called Lost Chambers, many kilometers underground where she is looking for an ancient gem, the Crystal of Orion...

* * * Tomb Raider - Ancient Legends reviews * * *

Excavation Site & Underground Tomb Of Ramses:

Now this is more like it! In fact,it's just the thing. A 2 level adventure;the first taking place entirely above ground in a well crafted Egyptian desert setting,the second in Ramses' tomb. The first level is very short but fun,although apparently incomplete;I finished it with half a Cartouche piece in my inventory. The Designer informs me(via his Web-site)that more levels are on their way,so hopefully there will be a point to these incomplete pick-ups. There's also a large metallic structure that serves no apparent purpose. The second level is one of the very best I've played;whether professional or not. The puzzles are absolutely ingenious,although somewhat exasperating.. particularly a timed run to a locked door. I almost applauded the wealth of ideas here. Superb. Play it!

“This is the first level of the larger Ancient Legends game and I find this hard to rate at the moment because this level will be incorporated later on in the larger game so it hasn’t shown its full potential here. Lasting at around 10 minutes the aim is to find one half of a cartouche, make a couple of jumps across a sandy dune and slide down beneath the sand to begin the second level. I will revise this review when future levels are produced and this level is then taken further but for the moment this is all I can rate it.”

Being the second level in the larger Ancient Legends game this was just a whole lot of fun to play. This hour long level revolves around a large coded push and pull object puzzle that with different combinations opens up gates to four separate puzzles all set in immense rooms where you need to find a Hand and pull a lever to progress to the end. Along with 4 secrets the other puzzles were also quite interesting especially the fire run where tiles ignite right at your heels as you try to escape them while making jumps to grab ropes or ledges, and a timed gate run that will also keep you on your toes. This really was an ingenious idea and I can’t believe it hadn’t been used before, well I haven’t yet come across it, anyway go check it out and have some fun.

This level was fun to play. I loved the puzzles. They were well thought out; especially the puzzle with the flames that burn right behind you when stepped on tiles and if you do not hurry you will get burned. Good texturing, some stretched textures but that doesn't hurt. Normal enemies, lack of pickups but there were no weapons so only medical pickups are handy, enemies were scorpions, which aren’t that hard. Minor points were, the level was too short, such a great level, well made up, nice game play and still short, I finished both in less than an hour, pity because the author could make it longer, another minor point is the "Flare Bug", which I encountered, I knew that the flare bug will appear because there were too many flame emitters activated, maybe the author should decrease or anti-trigger them, any way a good level to play, worth to download.

I have just finished playing the two levels you made with the Level Editor and they are good, not so much the first part, which is really just like one room, but the second is ingenious and thoughtful, I like the way you have kept the number of bad guys low but the puzzles and problems sharp, very professional, I never had any particular problem with the bugs, but before the fire run seems like a good place to save anyway so I missed that one, I particularly liked the timed door sequence and the complex structure of the tower in room 3 I think it was, may have been 2, anyway it's the one you have to swim through a couple of tunnels to get to, I found the star almost immediately but the small hole in the wall; up near the ceiling where the flares were placed had me intrigued and I remained here until I was sure I had been everywhere, one tiny detail though, when I was in the Fire run room, and the Scorpion room at the top of the pole, my flares wouldn't work unless I dropped them after lighting (by drawing the guns), this wasn't enough to spoil it though, keep up the good work, and I'm quite sure as long as you want to keep making new levels there will be someone grateful person who wants to play them, I am just starting to get somewhere with the Level Editor myself, so I know the amount of work you have put into your two levels, but I reckon they were worth it, and I enjoyed playing them, there are at least four other people here waiting to play your two levels, my wife, sister, daughter and my grandson and they will all doubtless be waiting for your next installment. I believe that using the LE is definitely a form of artistic expression, the results are like animated 3D sculptures, look at your Bryce Artwork, the Tomb Raider world is very similar in a way, maybe not quite so abstract but it has the same abstract feel to it.
Reg Redfern

“Being the first part in a two part series, I can only hope the next level is quite a bit longer than the ten minutes I spent here. It could be a bit confusing as I found half of the cartouche and the door where you use the cartouche, which could lead you to believe that you have left the other half somewhere out in the desert. I'm assuming the other half will be in the next level. I also found another door leading to a room full of crates that I was unable to open. Either I missed the key or crowbar, or it is opened in the next level as well. You'll find few enemies here, scorpions and a few ninjas, and no puzzles. I did enjoy the interesting jumps needed to get around the excavation site, which reminded me of the Giza levels in The Last Revelation. The level was well lit with plenty of places to explore. I found one secret consisting of the shotgun and a large medi-pack. On to the Underground Tomb of Ramses.”

“I'll admit I wasn't expecting too much from this level, assuming it would just be a longer version of the first part. Not that the first part was bad, it was just too short and easy. However, I was pleasantly surprised. You can expect a good solid hour of entertaining gameplay from the underground tomb of Ramses, filled with clever puzzles and some deadly traps to keep you on your toes. Your objective is to retrieve four hands in order to open the final door. Sounds easier than it really is, as in order to get those hands you have timed doors, flaming tiles, rope swings, deadly spikes, boulders, and flaming lava to get through. It's obvious the creator put a lot of time and effort into this level and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

“Very short, but I like it. The textures and atmosphere are great. You have to find half of an artifact and find the end, but it's not that easy, there are deadly drops into pits and a spike trap room, which you have to survive. There are a few baddies which are well placed. Overall this level is quite good! I just love those sand textures! I can’t wait to play the sequel. Download now.”
John Lincoln

“Fantastic level! One of the best I’ve played. The main aim of the level is to find 4 hidden artifacts, but to get to these artifacts you have to solve several pushable object puzzles. On the way you encounter several traps and puzzles you have to get through like timed runs and spike and fire filled rooms. Some of the puzzles in this level are rarely seen in others and it has also been superbly made and textured. This is a level which I would like to replay again some time in the future! Download now! You won’t regret it!”
John Lincoln

“A nice desert level with well crafted atmosphere and beautiful exchange of light and shadow. It seems to be only part of a series of levels, as it is quite short with about 15 minutes playtime and you still have a puzzle piece at the end.”

Great job! It was fun to play in the desert - OUTSIDE! yep. The lighting and textures were good and there were not many enemies. The ravine was great to play. Overall a nice level.”
Henk Eland

“The 18 rooms of this level offer you a short and crisp 10 minute adventure in the sand desert. The dunes are nicely done and the jumping around the deep chasms was fun. Found one secret there, too. Other than that it is shooting a few scorpions and ninjas (one nicely patrolling on the horizon) and one half of a cartouche that you do not actually need (well, you need to pick it up to open a door, though).”
Michael Prager

“Fabulous level – from the great transition from Ancient Legends I into this one with the slide into the cave, this level opens up very nicely around a smartly done ‘four-way-puzzle’, which gives you a great feeling of accomplishment throughout the whole almost an hour long level. The timed door was quiet challenging and a few other puzzles in the four areas were really fun. Definitely a ‘must-play-level’ for all the creativity it holds. On the downside, enemies are not a factor (a ninja and two scorpions I think), some of the running, climbing and shimmy areas are just a bit too long and on the verge of being annoying and the texturing in the huge rooms is too repetitive. I also had the flare bug (but it is not a big problem) and found two rather uneventful secrets.”
Michael Prager

“This level was really cool and nice, but it was too short. In the 10 minutes necessary to finish this desert level, you will kill some scorpions and ninjas, and you will find half of a cartouche. The dunes were awesome, and the texturization was the best part of the level! It’s worth a download.”

“After playing more than 50 levels, some of them (very) good, some of the bad, this level contained the WOW factor. It started with a nice fly by, which I had to see again and even try so see where Lara came from. For the rest, puzzles were great and original. I loved the huge room with a very non-usual timed run. Also the water filled room where you had to climb almost everything in sight. A pity that the flare bug appeared. The only complain I would have: it was too short. Please keep on building, Driber.”

Wonderful, one of the best I have seen. The puzzles were clever and I loved the textures, the baddies are very well hiden, at the end there is this very deep pit that you have to go down in order to finish the level. And from what I have read its going to be a full game, I can't wait. You did a great job on the two levels
Daniel Sherwood

Lost Chambers:

"Now here's a blast from the past! You'd think that most builders from the early days of level building have sailed off into the lens-flare (well, the TRLE sunset, for those who are eluded by my analogies!), but here comes Driber, finishing (well, at least continuing if not that! Though it did seem pretty definitive in the end!) his Ancient Legends series with quite an imaginative sequel to where his series left off in 2001! If my memory serves me, the last installment was Egyptian so the more eclectic style came as a bit of surprise for me, and while I usually like these indeterminable settings, the texture mix here never really grew on me through the almost 2 hours it took me to finish the game, but it's solidly done, so I have no complaints further than it being a matter of taste. Considering that, it's also for the best that the gameplay takes the prize here, as incorporating every step the whole level building scene has experienced since then (custom objects, custom animations, and even a custom exe (but Mac players, fear not! There's also a Mac-friendly version)) in a very tasteful and enjoyable manner, this level surprises with fun twists on well known puzzles and scenarios! I was a bit baffled at the inclusion of no less than 2 mazes (well, one is for a secret, so you can probably consider that an optional one), and I actually found the bigger maze's easier version (you get to choose the difficulty, woo hoo!) much more inventive with all the sound and object hints, than the difficult one. But the rest of the gameplay flows so wonderfully, has so many memorable moments, like all the quests for the seahorse keys, the huge room with the suspended wooden beams, or the final battle area, that I couldn't find it in my heart to down rate the level because of that! The enemies on the whole don't play a huge role here (you do meet the occasional spider, harpy, plus have a battle with giant scorpions and a falcon demigod along the way!) as the level is more puzzle and gameplay orientated and I only managed to find 3 of the 5 secrets. The music for setting the atmosphere and key moments was well chosen and overall enhanced the already pretty enjoyable level through the time it takes you to experience it to the fullest! Highly recommended!"
eTux (27-Aug-2007)
- trle.net

"Marvelous /fantastic piece of art ...... one off the best custom levels ever builded so far ....... brilliant gameplay / nice puzzles tough tasks to done nice graphics i recomend to all TR fans i was wish to never end .......i cannot wait for another masterpiece like this ........thx Driber ur the king cheers ....."
Jack& (27-Aug-2007) - trle.net

"Right ! Let’s sprint ! Let us go as fast as we can into the Hall of Fame ! This game is probably exactly what all TRLE fans have been waiting for : A huge area to be explored like in Psikos games that mingles with a game play and atmosphere that only Richard The Magician could have designed . Unbelievable ! Enemies are few and mostly just a piece of a cake , the difficulty in this game lies in its very complex game play , to find the right path to continue although its sometimes not very obvious what to do next but Lara will fortunately help you out by giving you clues on what she would like to do , supported by the beautiful voice of Jenni Milward ! This is a stunningly good game and I would like to congratulate the author and all those who have been involved in the making of such a fantastic 5 Star adventure .Many , many thanks ! Your effort is highly appreciated and deserves no less than 10 for all !"
Ruben (28-Aug-2007) - trle.net

"I was rather fascinated by the interesting mix of textures in this level – an effective blend of the familiar and unfamiliar. Excellent music and a most convincing Lara voiceover also enhanced the experience, but the real winner here was the gameplay. It was incredibly compelling and intelligent (I must mention in despatches the brilliant ‘plank’ room, which I though was outstandingly inventive) and I loved every single minute of it. An absolute must-play and the time just flew past. Definitely one of those levels you won’t want to be over. More please, Driber."
Jay (29-Aug-2007) - trle.net

"This really is a beautiful well-rounded and self-contained game. I love this sort of level where there is some non-linearity, where there are plenty of "aha!" moments when you arrive at a place only glimpsed before through a window or back to a previously blocked path that you had almost forgotten about. The puzzles were exellent, a labyrinth that I felt wasn't too tiresome, some inventive objects/floor planks, and not too demanding secrets (well I got all 5). I liked the textures though not all will, and the only thing I can suggest is perhaps a few more enemies - in the final battle Lara didn't have to break sweat. One can only hope now Driber is back that the quality levels keep coming!"
Adrian (30-Aug-2007) - trle.net

"This must be really the result of six years work. It´s an absolutely stunning and professionel level. The gamepla is really a highlight and quite inventive. You get all what you need in TR. excellent puzzles, nice adrenalin rushing action and a lot to explore. Especially remarkable is the \"wooden plank\"-room. As the whole game this room is full of beautiful costum objects. You really have to see it. The only thing I don´t like too much is this eclectic mix of textures. But otherwise it´s really a masterpiece! You have to play it!"
Raymond (30-Aug-2007) - trle.net

"The new and improved game is much more challenging than the other two. Obviously the setting that the players are being called to explore is Egyptian like but it’s not classic so to get bored with it. Be warned that there two mazes and one of them has more than one levels but the builder is giving the players the choice between easy and harder gameplay so there is nothing to fear. You do have to use your brain here and some times be really quick. The cameras are helpful, the environment attractive enough and the five secrets nicely placed. As for enemies those aren’t many but you get some really nasty and hungry bats. The main big area is hiding many more rooms behind those closed doors that will keep you entertained for about two hours with puzzles that include moveable objects and careful jumping. I am sure you will like this game as much as I did."
Kristina (30-Aug-2007) - trle.net

"At first this adventure reminded me of Mantua's Squares (levels I enjoyed greatly) with its large design elements and somewhat surrealistic atmosphere. The game play, the most important aspect of a level, is topnotch, and finding all five secrets is not difficult. One is seldom at a loss; there is always something to do, always a definite progression. The levels are well lit. I had some questions about what was going on, but having now played these levels a second time, have resolved all of them. The first time I had trouble with the jumps at the fire pillars because Lara was trying to do a curved jump. The second time, Lara stood in the corner of the burning pillar, foot against the edge, and sidestepped toward that edge. Lara can't move, but she will shake slightly and inch away from the corner without catching fire. Now she can *backflip* to the lower pillar. Also on my first time I wondered about the hole in the ceiling of the seahorse key room, and why Lara never got there. But on the replay I saw that this gap is used by a fly-by, to show the blocks rising in the seahorse key room, and then to whisk through the ceiling tunnel to show the Orion gem (which the seahorse keys will free). On my second time through I could appreciate how well designed the play sequences are: my total elapsed time was only one hour and forty-five minutes (and I found two small medipacks that were missed the first time). There are two mazes, and I have never found mazes to be very satisfying; all that is involved is a methodical search. Unfortunately, the mazes don't improve with a second play, even though I negotiated them without trouble. Sometimes the room design is spartan, for instance when Lara comes to the burning sea horse. There is essentially nothing in this large room area but a few sloped blocks, some pillars, and a single push block in a channel. Moving the push block turns off the fire, which was almost too simple. Some of the texturing seems odd. The highlight of the adventure is probably the wood plank room, a clever and imaginative construction (I have no idea how the author pulled this off). It alone would make the level a must play."
dmdibl (07-Sep-2007) - trle.net

"This is the kind of level which makes you feel sad when you've finished it; you'd like to play it more and more! A kind of level you can't abandone until tomorrow 'cause it keeps the interest while playing it from the beginning till the end. Excellent gameplay with good puzzles, good environment, new objects, good animations, not impossible tasks,... The big oval lava room is fantastic! I found features I had never seen in any other level. I only missed some more enemies. A great work you can't miss. Many thanks!"
José (14-Sep-2007)
- trle.net

"This adventure is in that incredible class of levels that make you pause to remember how lucky we are to have such powerful creators as Driber. There are moments here replete with awesome game play and intelligent design that will bend your mind beyond your wildest imagination, and that’s what makes spending time in this author’s world so enjoyable. On the negative side for me is the reliance on a set of mazes as a central puzzle, and the absence of story, or theme to the adventure. Hats off to the school of maze lovers that find these enjoyable design elements, but I respectfully disagree. Ultimately, here they come off as weak creative elements that are simply irritating, (“OK, let’s get through this as fast as we can because it is so boring!”), and contrast sharply inside this minor masterpiece, up against the author’s creative genius with ingenious platform puzzles and marvelous intelligent game play that literally blow your mind. You are in another world here, and it’s a grand adventure that dazzles your senses with rich and inventive textures; interwoven with soundtracks - music, effects, and voice- that are so perfectly laid down you will love every minute. This level shows that there is no limit to what this author is capable of, and all the individually unique creative elements are here, just waiting for a legendary masterpiece. Thanks for a wonderful game."
Mezcal (22-Sep-2007)
- trle.net

"I haven't yet played the first two installments in this series, so I have no basis for comparison, but with this single release Driber has established himself as one of the premier artisans in the field. This magnificent tour de force is every bit as dazzling as anything I've seen from Dick, Horus, Piega, Magplus, or any of the other giants, and I enjoyed every single second of the nearly three hours I spent here. Although I used Dutchy's walkthrough (excellent, as always) to make my way along, I was able to accomplish every task without ever being tempted to use the flycheat. The lighting is superb throughout, and this is more important to me than usual in this case, because the surroundings are breathtakingly gorgeous everywhere you turn. If I were to pick my favorite levels of 2007, Blood Mountain would probably win the gameplay award, but AL3 would walk away with the beauty award with no legitimate competitor in sight. I like the way this level is packaged, too, with a no-brainer installation batch file that sets up the game in a separate folder of your choice. This is one I'm likely to replay a number of times in my doddering years. Highest recommendations."
Phil (05-Oct-2007) - trle.net

"To tell you up front, I am biased. I beta tested the level (for the Mac) and Driber is also one of my favourite builders. What can I say, I started this level and I didn’t want it to end. I am not saying that it is a walk in the park but there is a certain flow throughout this and also “aha” moments when you find the solution. There were also some “wow” moments for me and I certainly was blown away to see the “plank room”. This level is more about exploring and the few enemies you meet here are very well placed. I even jumped in my chair when a big scorpion nibbled at Lara when she was busy pushing a block. I feared the maze, and as Driber did ask in the forum how people felt about mazes I held my breath entering the three level maze, but this maze was luckily not frustrated. The level is also full of puzzles but also full of very handy hints. There are also some funny moments thrown in, but find those out for yourself"
Gerty (14-Oct-2007) - trle.net

"This was very nice two level adventure offering enjoyable gaming time. Gameplay is as varied and interesting as it is possible to create. You have to think all the time to get through this game and the round area including planks is just amazing. Author has also made plenty of custom objects which is always a big plus. Audio tracks add some nice mysteriousness to the atmosphere and I liked it much. Despite I liked this game I would have liked it even more if it was created visually better. This game doesn't have real eyecandy and details to offer but it looks still rather pleasurable. Hovewer, I recommend this challenging game highly for every experienced raiders."
Samu (20-Oct-2007) - trle.net

"This unique level was fun and challenging from start to finish. I loved the unique puzzles that were very well-designed. My favorite part was the spike run to a slide then to a rope, only to end up going where you would not expect. I haven't played a level like this, and if anyone chooses to play this, expect to really work for those seahorse keys! I loved the music, but enemies were few, which is ok, since the puzzles were definitely enough. I was not fond of the mazes, but at least Driber was kind enough to give assistance to those who needed it. All in all, a well done and challenging level."
Shandroid (02-Nov-2007) - trle.net

"Well this was a surprise release, for me anyway, being so long after the author's previous levels. I confess I waited a while after downloading before playing. I don't know why I waited - what a mistake that was. The start did not impress me much but it turned out to be a warm up for things to come. This game contains fantastic textures throughout which made me say 'wow' a few times. It was a very refreshing change to have the majority of areas nice and bright. Very inventive rooms, the plank room being just one example, and a maze with a choice of difficulty was a nice touch. Not many enemies, which meant they did not detract from the pleasure of exploring, and the secrets were fairly easy, including an audio clue for the two-parter. This collection of levels rates, for me, as one of the all time greats."
Jez (19-Nov-2007) - trle.net

This level is really good. I mean it`s so well made and it really takes time and thought to pass. The traps are so creative and unexpected, the puzzles really make you take a second and think about the situation. For me the best part of the entire level was the part when you shoot the emerald vase and enter the lava and spike filled passage, I thought that was really challenging and fun. It was even better than the traps in the original tomb raider series.
strike (26-Nov-2007) - laraslevelbase.org

"The first level I've played by Driber, and from the reviews of his previous two of the trilogy - this is the best yet, and what a game it is! I was very pleasantly surprised that, not only was this a level not requiring the level editor, but it also incorporated the ability to adjust screen settings (something I have a lot of problems with as resolution for all levels load as an incorrect default setting for me) that others who adopt the "download the play" feature don't often think about. Nothing too challenging with gameplay but was nice to be given options for some areas (hard or easy). I can see this paving the way to incorporate alternate routes in levels, one can only hope but could be a change to the linear route produced by builders so far. Cryptic clues were used to find secrets (making it all the more worthwhile and very original). Objects cleverly hidden due to camera angles, excellent voice and music audio. Not too many enemies to battle, but a great level doesn't equate to a multitude of monsters to overcome. I had the right weapon to take out some of those tougher enemies and the right amount of ammo to do it (often in levels I pick up numerous amounts of ammo which is never used) which makes me think that Driber thought all details of his level through - and that to me deserves top marks."
Jenni (17-Dec-2007) - trle.net

"Excellent game, keeps you glued to the computer and keyboard, and won't let you go because you just 'have' to find out what happens next. Not so easy, as the player may find themselves traversing the same territory over and over again until they find the jumpswitch they missed, or the newly opened door they saw in a camera shot back a few moves ago. And if the player doesn't find that first climb through tile they can't go back for it (at least I didn't find a way back). Gameplay is the star here, and there's plenty of it. It's jam packed with clever scenarios. Old familiar stuff that's been given a brand new twist. Take a simple example, the boulders, not only to run away from, but trigger them to do their own thing. The most obvious thing, right from the start, is the look of the level. New textures, lovely lighting and atmosphere. Lara falls from somewhere up there, into a lake, and swims towards a castle. Basically we have two large areas/rooms with many routes to smaller areas to find what we need. Although we perform familiar tasks, the layout and texturing makes it all look so new. Even the three tiered maze looks good, and that's some achievement! We are helped along the way by the most convincing voice of Lara as we search for seahorses and tablets with symbols on them. To find these we have to master some feats of daring do and clever puzzles. No prizes for guessing that these include boulder runs, water tunnels (some with sinks), good object pushing puzzles, an amazing looking ropeswing/spike and breakable tile run, careful jumping, the brilliant wooden scaffolding-type walkway route over lava, timed runs, and tackle giant scorpions, harpys, bats, spiders and a demigod... or was there two?! When we finally locate the crown we saw through the railing at the start, a tight timed run/swim takes us to a final room where Lara is transported back up there, leaving us wondering where she is off to now. I can't wait to find out. A funny incident happened when I took the crown, curiosity made me place it again to see what would happen. It changed into a Larabutt and flew out the door. I couldn't stop laughing. Of course I saved before trying this. And now all we have to do is wait patiently for the next installment. And hopefully that won't take another few years :D. Highly recommended."
CC (12-May-2008) - trle.net

"Wow.. It starts as it ends.. Beautiful. I must say that my expectations where not really alive yet until I finished the first boulder puzzle.. it was brilliant. As I progressed through the levels I found only 1 texture bug which is in the waterroom near the last seahorse puzzle item. There were no other things that are bad at all!! I must say that when I finished it I was even more impressed by the way how it was finished.!! With some sort of a cutscene which was in my opinion very interesting.. Also in the room with the rope I felt like Alice in Wonderland where it was unclear what was the up and down, it's magnificent:D I absolutely am looking forward to more releases by this author!!"
Jeffrey (22-Jun-2008) - trle.net

"Indeed, I do not like mazes, but this time I will forgive the author of this level set, not because he provide a user friendly version of the maze, but because the rest of this almost two hour long adventure is very inspired in terms of gameplay and superbly entertaining. You always keep moving on without having to think too hard and yet it is fun to master a great variety of tasks, supported by well chosen audio, excellent camera guidance and a number of clever ideas for progression. I did think that texturing and lighting was a bit weaker than the other components of the level and often the room geometry and texturing seemed very functional and not always fitting to the overall environment, as if it was placed more as an afterthought than having been a part of the overall design, but that did not spoil the experience one bit for me. There are also 5 secrets to find and the final one is indeed so 'deep' that you can collect it again and again if you go back there later ;) So, do yourself a favour and play this if you haven't yet and have fun with spikes, boulders, pushable objects, collapsible tiles, the inspired wooden walkway room and a fun ending with a nice cutscene and credit flyby."
MichaelP (24-Nov-2008) - trle.net


* * * Tomb Raider - Ancient Legends screenshots * * *

Level 1 - Excavation Site

Level 2 - Underground Tomb Of Ramses

Level 3 - Lost Chambers