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Full version of the TRLE setup    
Official TRLE Manual    
TRLE original script files    
Madplay, to convert MP3s to WAV files readable by TRLE  
Turbo, slow down the CPU on fast PC's, against room spinning    
savegame editor for all Tomb Raider games
TRwest, for WAD file editing > MIRROR WEBSITE  
TRviewer, for ripping textures from a .TR4 file    
TR3 NoCD Patch    
TRLE fixed English Script.bat + Original Script Backup    
Eidos' official Revised wads for the level editor  
Eidos' official New wads for the level editor  
Eidos' official Angkor wad (without the .tr4 file)  
TR4 Script.txt file (for use with the unofficial wads)    
Jeep wad    
DaleR's Movable Block    
TR2PRJ, Converts a .TR4 file into a Project (.PRJ) file    
TRFix, Can fix broken projects that make the editor crash    
AnniversaryFanguide (mirror for defunct TR Inc.)  
UnderworldFanguide (mirror for defunct TR Inc.)  
Classic Croft Manor HD v2.1 (Lumion) (mirror)    


Here are some ripped soundFX from TR2 using Cool Edit Pro.
s01.wav s02.wav s03.wav s04.wav s05.wav s06.wav s07.wav s08.wav s09.wav s10.wav s11.wav s12.wav s13.wav s14.wav s15.wav s16.wav s17.wav s18.wav s19.wav s20.wav s21.wav s22.wav s23.wav s24.wav s25.wav s26.wav s27.wav s28.wav s29.wav s30.wav s31.wav s32.wav s33.wav s34.wav s35.wav s36.wav s37.wav s38.wav s39.wav s40.wav s41.wav s42.wav s43.wav s44.wav s45.wav s46.wav s47.wav s48.wav s49.wav s50.wav s51.wav s52.wav s53.wav s54.wav s55.wav s56.wav