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  I wish to thank David Gurrea Hernandez for providing the great textures in the table below and also Ted Swippet for help on converting these textures for use with the TRLE. The gray links are yet to placed on David's website.  

Textures from Blade of Darkness
Architectonique 1
Walls 1
Grounds 1
Walls (variations) 1
Grounds (variations) 1
Snow (miscellany) 1
Architectonique 2
Wood 1
Walls 2
Surfaces 1
Architectonique 3
Walls (variations) 2
Grounds 2
Snow (miscellany) 2
Surfaces 2
Architectonique 4
Grounds 3
Walls 3
Wood 2
Walls (variations) 3
Surfaces 3
Architectonique 5
Walls 4
Walls (variations) 4
Grounds 4
Architectonique 6
Walls (variations) 5
Architectonique 7
Walls (variations) 6
Miscellany 1
Miscellany 2
Miscellany 3
Miscellany 4
Miscellany 5
Miscellany 6
Miscellany 7

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zipfiles to the GetRight download window (6.93 mb)

  The next set contains all the TR1, TR1gold, TR2, TR2gold, TR3 and TRLA textures. Thanks go out to Fábio Ribeiro (Phabius Phodes) for putting a lot of time into ripping these from the original games and adjusting them. And you may even find some custom ones!  

TR1 TR1 Gold TR2 TR2 Gold TR3 TR3 Gold
Gym.zip Cat.zip Assault.zip Level1.zip Antarc.zip Chunnel.zip
Level1.zip Egypt.zip Boat.zip Level2.zip Area51.zip House.zip
Level10a.zip End.zip Catacomb.zip Level3.zip Chamber.zip Scotland.zip
Level10b.zip End2.zip Deck.zip Level4.zip City.zip Slinc.zip
Level10c.zip   Emprtomb.zip Level5.zip Compound.zip Undersea.zip
Level2.zip   Floating.zip   Crash.zip Willsden.zip
Level3a.zip   House.zip   House.zip Zoo.zip
Level3b.zip   Icecave.zip   Jungle.zip  
Level4.zip   Keel.zip   Mines.zip  
Level5.zip   Living.zip   Nevada.zip  
Level6.zip   Monastry.zip   Office.zip  
Level7a.zip   Opera.zip   Quadchas.zip  
Level7b.zip   Platform.zip   Rapids.zip  
Level8a.zip   Rig.zip   Roofs.zip  
Level8b.zip   Skidoo.zip   Sewer.zip  
Level8c.zip   Unwater.zip   Shore.zip  
    Venice.zip   Stpaul.zip  
    Wall.zip   Temple.zip  
    Xian.zip   Tower.zip  

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zipfiles to the GetRight download window (
26.5 mb)