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Throughout the many weeks building my levels, I've come across a buncha problems that were solved with the help of the Tomb Raider NG and forums. Lately I was planning on documenting these problems, for reference in the future. Now I was seeing that other people came across the same problems as I did and for this, I figured that other people could benefit from this information. Some screenshots were taken from the level editor and now I've created a little tutorial where these problems are documented along with their solutions.

I hope this page can help some newbies out there and if you came across a problems witch couldn't be solved with the tutorial that comes with the level editor cd, I ask you to e-mail me these problems and how you solved them. I will put them up on this page so it can help out other people.

trigger code bits 1
trigger code bits 2
return to the title screen
object code bits (OCB) settings
adding KEY_ITEM1 (coin) from coastal and a WRAITH3 to your wad
how to install and play a room wad file
Other LE key tricks

Trigger Code Bits 1
You want to open a door when 4 pushable objects are placed on specific squares. The trick here is to divide the trigger in 4 different parts. Here's how it's done:

1. Place 4 pushable objects and a door in a room.
2. Select the door and then select the square you want the first part of the trigger on.

3. Make a trigger using the purple trigger button.
4. Open the set trigger type window (click on the text box next to the purple button).

5. Click on the type text box and select heavy.
6. Switch off the 2,3,4 and 5 buttons below the one shot button, so only number 1 is switched on. Now this trigger is designated as the first part of the trigger.

7. Click on the OK button and the first trigger is done.

Now repeat points 2 - 7 until all 4 triggers are set, using button 2 on the second trigger part, button 3 on the third trigger part and buttons 4 AND 5 for the last trigger part.

Now when you try out your "puzzle" you can see that the door opens when all 4 pushable objects are pushed on the 4 trigger parts.

Note: When testing out this "puzzle" I came across another problem when the 4 pushable objects and 4 trigger parts are in the same area. When you move the first pushable object over ALL 4 triggers, the door also opens. I haven't figured out a way to solve this problem.(UPDATE: this problem can be fixed. click here)

Trigger Code Bits 2

Say you want to open a door by inserting 2 keys, this is how you set it up:

1. Place a door and 2 keyholes on a wall.
2. Select the first keyhole and then select the square in front of the wall of the first keyhole.
3. Click the trigger button and open the set trigger type window.
4. Click on the type text box and select key.
5. Switch off button 3,4 and 5

6. Do the same for keyhole 2 using the square in front of the wall of the second keyhole and this time switch off the buttons 1 and 2 in the set trigger type window

7. Select the door and then select the square in front of the wall of the first keyhole and make a normal trigger.
8. Select the door again and select the trigger square in front of the wall of the second keyhole and make another normal trigger..
9. Place the 2 keys somewhere.

Now you're all set and you will see that the door only opens when both keys are inserted.

Return to the title screen

1. Make a trigger zone and open the set trigger type window.
2. Click on the trigger text box and select finish.
3. Replace the number 0 by 24 and hit ENTER.
4. Click on the OK button and the game will return to the title screen when Lara hits the finish trigger zone.


Object Code Bits -
Some OCB settings for objects not covered in the manual.

AMBER_LIGHT (city.wad) - enter value 1 in the OCB data field to make the light go on with an explosion!

For those who wants to use the poseidon statue and want to make Lara do the animation to screw the trident on top enter -423 in the OCB of puzzle hole 1. I dont know if the animation is in all the wads but i copied Lara from the poseidon wad.

Adding KEY_ITEM1 (coin) from coastal and a WRAITH3 to your wad
If you want the coin from the coastal wad in your level and a wraith 3 you have a problem. The coin (animating 6) depends on the key (animating 10). To make the wraith dissapear you must also have animating 10 from the catacomb wad. Delete the animating 10 from the coastal. Add the animating 10 from the catacomb. Replace animating 10 from the coastal with animating 11. When the coin drops the wraith will not suck into the statue when triggered because it will depend on animating 10 because the key is on animating 11. Simply put an antitrigger first for animating 10 and trigger it again AFTER the wraith is triggered.


How to install and play a room wad file (.TOM):


1. You must have the Tomb Raider Level Editor installed.

2. If you look in the folder called "graphics" in the level editor directory you should find a folder called "wads". This is where you need to extract the room wad file to for the playable level. Note that there will be a wad file there already with the same name. If you wish to preserve everything in the wads folder it is best to copy the entire folder somewhere safe as a back up. Once you've done that extract the room wad file for the level from the zip file into the wads folder overwriting the existing file.

Open the Zip file and select the wad then click on the EXTRACT button.

Explore through the directories till you come to C:\Program Files\Core Design\trle\graphics\wads.

Click on extract and overwrite the existing file if prompted.


3. Now you have the room wad in the correct directory you need to compile this into a playable data file (.TR4). To do this close all windows and go to your Start menu and select "Level Converter" from the Level Editors "Tools" directory.


You should now see the converter as above.

4. At the bottom you`ll see two buttons beneath "Edit Script". Click on "Add". You will now be shown the wads directory with all the room wad files. Select the room wad to convert. For this level it is "settomb.TOM" and click on "Open"


Converter with the room wad in the left batch window.

5. The room wad in it's directory will now be shown in the left batch window. Now click on "Build All" bottom right and the room wad file will be converted into a data file in the appropriate directory. Note that you can convert multiple room wads in this way too by selecting them all or individually by selecting them and clicking on "Build Selected" instead of "Build All".. Wait for the conversion to finish. It is done when the text in the output window reads ***Build All Complete***


Conversion completed

6. Close the converter. Open the Zip file again and extract the English.dat, Script.dat and Strings.H files into the Level Editor root directory. (The trle folder) Note that this will overwrite the existing dat files so you may want to back them up along with you original wad files. Using these dat files enables the level titles and other script changes to take effect. You can play the levels without these but you won`t get the titles or any changes to the names of items etc. within the game so I recommend you do use the dat and string files.


7. From the Start menu again select "Set up Tomb Raider" to set up the game then select "Run Tomb Raider". Choose "New Game" from the menu screen and then ...

Raid On!

<<< Thanks for this tutorial on converting TOM files goes to Will Gell. Visit him at www.wflg.clara.co.uk >>>



Slope Trick

How did he do that you ask? Here's the inside scoop:

I found out about this trick when I was fooling around with the LE and it turned out to be very handy for making perfectly shaped rooftops!
I was amazed eidos didn't told us about this trick in the manual, so here it is:

Raise the corner of a square a couple of clicks by holding down CTRL and clicking on a floor square.
Hold down the ALT key and click on the slope. This will switch the angle of the slope, it's that easy!

Other LE key tricks - Here are some other key tricks for the LE not mentioned in the manual.

Easily texture 2 surfaces of a broken square at the same time:
Raise the corner of a square a couple of clicks to break up the square into 2 triangular surfaces, turn on face edit, hold down the ALT key and leftclick on one of the surfaces and voila...both surfaces are textured right!
This trick also works for rotating: hold down the ALT key and rightclick on one of the surfaces.
And also for mirrorring: hold down the ALT + CTRL key and leftclick on one of the surfaces.

- thanks to GeckoKid





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